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hey I really like your project if you take feedback I have some suggestion take them like you want. (mostly balancing even if it is just for fun)

I think that contra guy would need just  a little more hp maby like 5 bars

The mega mans should have something else than tracking missiles and let that to the contra guy exclusively. since they got a lot of hp they are already very strong!

Samus and link could have a little more hp  and samus could get screw attack and a reserve tank in power ups similar to link's fairy

Can sonic trio have a little more power ups or is there nothing else in their games?

I would be cool to see bowser HP

Maby luigi can get his smash fireballs?

Mario look very strong a possibility to nerf him a little is when he is small and takes a power ups it would act as a normal mushroom.

can youu put the timer visible before the sudden death and are stock battles/tag battle a possibility?

thx for the reading I hope the best for this project