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omg i am dumb did NOT realise that the support this game button lets me send you monies

edit: hah still figuring out how itchio works, didnt realise i can edit comments too. well paypal isnt loading properly ill try again later!:)

yea you really deserve so much more feedback and engagement, like how are there not more comments and stars?? i really did love it so much, brilliant and mindblowing storytelling

if you don't mind publishing it for free, you can try putting it as an original work in maybe add some tags (authors usually put trigger warnings in tags), then in your author's note you can explain how you edited the story from your original game (link it too!) (as i don't think a raw copy paste may be suitable). if people like it there, i am confident you'll get lots of support!

id love to see the sequel so much! as i wrote above, is there some way i can support you? it's not every day i find a game so amazing that makes me want to voluntarily open my wallet HAHHAHA