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This is fantastic! I'm currently in love with everyone but favouring Aine. The premise, the art, the diversity. I'm really not very good at leaving comments but I couldn't pass by without showing some love. Honestly, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this.

1. Did you enjoy it overall? 

I did! I play, probably to many ;D, Visual novels and this has been a wonderful story so far! I adore VNs that add extra interaction (without it being tedious.) and choices seem to matter which is always great. I even got a friend interested in it after talking it up in our discord server anime channel.

2. What was your favorite part?

Every scene with Natalia? ;D Not sure I have an overall favourite? I enjoyed the creepy STAY AT MY HOUSE MUAHAHAHA part, mostly trying to work out what was happening cause there was something off (and it still caught me off guard even with the foreshadowing talk earlier with the wifes master.). I also loved the dance! The ghost of the bookstore! Awkward boob touching after knocking future wife down.... Oh i can't really choose lol. It's been a nice time throughout.

3. There are a lot of comedic moments, but was the drama included in a way that was able to put the comedy aside, or did it just seem an odd jump from comedy?

I found it fine, at least personally I had no problem with how it was set.

4. Who is your favorite character?

Natalia ;D Though that is also partly serious. I adore her and I love it when there are scenes with her. Lets talk about that great romance brewing by talking about characters in a book that are literally us ;D. A+. Would recommend.

5. Who did you start to romance? Did you find it difficult romancing the person you wanted?

Well no surprises here lol. Obviously I romanced Aldrich Natalia. I didn't find it difficult though I do have a tendency to save constantly and explore as much as possible so perhaps I just got lucky with hitting her right options and meeting her randomly.

At least it seems alright. Her Master was asking me about her whilst we danced and giving me his approval so I assume I'm on the right track =p

Either way I am looking forward to the next bit! Can't wait to see the wife again and read some fanfic about ourselves in book form.