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I remember this game, it was soooo good this will fun to play when i have the funds:)

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nvm i found it out

how to press the start button?

browser version NOW!

yes the ice age baby must die

i played it 3 times before noticing it was a loop lol and i really like these games that randomly come in my recommends and i love the work on this game 

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me when i get ANY gun: "death is in the air"

ok thx

idk it just freezes on the starting screen

i am unable to play it

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finally i got it and when i saw the mood meter to to horny i got scared and thought what will happen now

now time for the secret ending

nvm i got it

guys how to get the third ending?

i really like this games concept also i think that this game is made from experience

and not from an idea (except the idea to make it into a game)

I just played the series (till the point is now) and i really like it and also a person with such a great imagination and is making games will always make people happy, also when part 7 coming out?

and room 101 you should make a game showing that side of danny


hey how to del the save data


uh thats what is supposed to happen

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this game was very well made i usually don't like horror stuff but this was a mix of a sad story, horror and puzzle solving also after getting the ending  open the game again and press the start button the start will be different

 then u will get a extra little thing to enjoy

overall this the perfect short horror game to play  i recommend playing with headphones










so if u keep pressing the start button and  keep coming to the pet shop u will get dark's calling card




(also if open the card in adobe reader it will allow u to interact with the black borders like if there is text there but then it will close itself like the game closes itself)

thx for reading

i finished this game i went the way the dev expected me to go and i feel our computers must have this so we have someone to talk to