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game was good until what i assume is the final room with the body i tried all the combos of the code that started with 31 but i absolutely could not find out the code even though i got the killer stuck behind the curtain thing it would be nice if you could move/examine the body to get the code but other than this its a good game

definitely one of the best games ive played it also works on a chromebook which is a definite perk atmosphere was top notch for what it was i hope to see more from the devs

Nice i managed to get to nuclear war first try and become lord of the waseland 

i have never done anything more important than staple bread to trees this is the most worthwhile thing i have done in my life without doing this life would be nothing i have always felt the need to staple bread to trees in the middle of the night without doing this i was incomplete now after stapling bread to trees i have become complete