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They're all there but the writing it often kind of washed out so hard to read.

haha thanks!

Individual pdfs, please!

Is there any way that the clients and crewmembers sheets could be reformatted so that only one client is on a sheet or, in the cast of the crew, the letter comes on a separate page?  It prints too small otherwise to be readable.

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Did my first play-test over the weekend; a lot of fun!  The crew barely got to the hospital before the nanites inside the patient made them ineligible for Crash//Cart service and a nightmare for Legal!  

We decided to allow face card draws to be put in -any- player's cache; otherwise we felt that the card specific abilities happened too rarely to be worth taking, especially during a one-shot.

The character sheets look amazing (in general all the graphic design work is solid; in particular the flow chart for cards on p. 12], but sometimes the font is too small to read easily - see the list of vices/trauma as the biggest example.  It's also hard to print in booklet form.

I'd love a more robust set of patient charts/complications/medical issues; since there are currently 3 themed ones, I worry it might become a bit stale if you're playing the long game. 

What's changed in the new download?


Will this be purchasable here or will we need to pick it up somewhere else?

I can get those fine.  Thanks!

Wanted to point out that when I downloaded the most recent version, the client and crewmember sheets weren't included.

Fantastic, thanks!

Just wondering about an update about printing and when we might see the books!

Great fun!

I'd love a print copy!