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A member registered Jul 07, 2021

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Hi there, 

Flow Scape doesn't work under macOS Monterey. The toolbar is not showing up after a default land was created. Pressing the space bar doesn't change anything. Any suggestions? 

Best, Thome

Hi reimalebario, 

thanks a lot for your answer. I thought that it is not working at all, but your comment gives me a little bit of hope. Since the developer isn't publishing new updates this is quite something. Thanks a lot for it and the screenshot. 

Best, Thowe

Hi Kbennin, 

I am thinking about buying an M1 Mac and wanted to ask you if you could already solve the issue. Would be great hearing back from you, because there is not much information out there. Best, Thowe

Hey there, 

is there already an update out to play Flow Scape on M1 and M1 Pro Macs? I already purchased the game and I would like to play it on the latest Mac Chips. 

Best Thowe