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Doing things as they come is the only way I know how to live.

Vying for workshop integration is an excellent thing to incorporate early, def helps not only in getting your game promoted, but also empowers its long term survival. Mass props!

Yeah, sorry about that, sort of long winded when I find something I like. 

I figured there were things that were different in the release version than the prototype. I don't go on social media but will def follow you on itch for sure! Looking forward to this game! Keep up the awesome work and, I also love when there's a dev that takes the time to read a response and respond accordingly. You keep doing you and stay safe with all the craziness going on in the world.


What do ya think about, aside from releasing the source code, also opening a donate link? I know that it's something on, but, if you do release the source code on a platform like, say, github, it'd be nice to drop a "buy me coffee" or "buy me a beer" link. Hell, maybe that could help ya with your current project.

This game has potential and, for a proto-type, it actually has a decent amount going for it!

If you'd like a little feedback on the game, here's a few things if/when you can:

- controls need tightened up a bit; I'm sure other stuff takes priority ofc, but, particularly the controls navigating the ship in ftl mode either ship I find it difficult to get where I need to go.  

 1. In ship 1's case the ladder constantly gets the character stuck and it takes a lot of doing to access the middle level and leaving the ladder at the bottom. Also, the powerups collected on the planet are still active on the ship which makes it more difficult to deal with the ladder. Suggestion for that: maybe disable the powerups on board the craft? As far as the ladder is concerned if there's a way to keep the up and down without the character being "locked in" that may very well resolve the issue.

 2. Ship 2 IDK where to start, but can say it might be worth rethinking the vertical access hatches. I was not able to go to any part of the ship aside the bottom after returning from a planet. The issue is that you have to jump to try and get the hatch to open which, if you can, even if you double jump you don't have near enough time to get onto the second floor let alone the third. Maybe change the trigger for the hatches a bit above and below so that when you walk up to it it opens without contact? Also changing the timing would help I think. Like, speed up the opening, set a timer before the hatch starts closing and finally lower the speed of it closing, if that's possible with the tools/code you've got running under the hood. I know engine limitations can be a real pain to deal with.

 3. The ship battles. Didn't know what I was doing/was unclear on how to access/fire the ship weapons. If you're looking for a redesign maybe have the guns auto lock and be tied to a hideable toolbar at the bottom? That or clarification on how to use them. I couldn't figure it out. OFC, I was flying blind so to speak because I didn't look at the controls in the description here so, that's probably the issue on my side.

That's about all I can think of for now, haven't got too far to provide other suggestions, and, for clarity, I'm giving this feedback because I really, REALLY like the premise of the game and am pleasantly surprised at the current functionality of it. Keep up the work and let me know if you want a play tester. Been gaming since the late 80's multiple consoles and a few PC's... probably to a bit of an unhealthy level lol, and am very much a fan of this project! Keep up the good work! YOUUU CAAANNN DOOOOO EEET!

Well, ya see, when a mama horse and a daddy horse love each other very much, they get together and the daddy horses' little shetland turns into a big stallion. Then you just cut off the stallion and throw it at your pc. It will automatically apply the horse penis to your screen. Great thing is, it'll be in EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. YOU. PLAY. With a little TLC and formaldehyde. 

No need to thank me, I learned it from the History Channel! B-D <<

There are 6 things with which you can build anything. Staples, paperclips, gorilla tape, gorilla glue, aluminum foil and bacon. Want a new Taj Mahal? Yours. Want to build your own great Egyptian tomb? Use the previous building materials up to tin foil and use the bacon to bribe the workers that hold whole sections of slums together - Rats and Cockroaches. There ya go. Need to replace some body parts? Gorilla Glue the bacon into the missing part as a organ replacement/skin graft, use paperclips for sutures, Staple a layer of tinfoil on top and seal that puppy shut with Gorilla tape for good measure.

Pigs are used as organ donors for humans since they're very close to us genetically, so bacon is sure to cure what ails! If there's any part that needs any sort of reinforcement, by gods, just slap some JB Weld to the weak point and you've got yourself an always perfect, can't mess up, repair :-D

Disclaimer: These statements have not been tested or endorsed by the FDA. Any claims mentioned above may or my not work with mummy anatomy. YMMV

Splattercat has enabled my bad spending habits soooooo much over time lol. I hope he gets commission for the amount of selling he effortlessly does.

:-( They beat me to the chase. I was thinking about making a game that encouraged exploits lol. Hell, maybe that'll be a common theme among all my games indirectly. Either way, def looking forward to playing it!