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Thoth 27

A member registered Apr 12, 2017

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I'm a fan of Judge Dee stories from various sources from way back so when I found out about this game recently I was excited. I must say, I'm pleased with the experience. The graphics and music are beautiful and the story and, more to the point, the way it is told are quite good. Most importantly, the game provides the essential core experience I want out of a Di Renjie game: solving mysteries in the mode of a virtuous and intelligent magistrate.

The characterization of Di Renjie himself is excellent, giving the player enough choice in how his character expresses itself to feel real ownership over it. People expecting to see the supporting cast from the Van Gulik stories will be disappointed, but I do not consider them a core part of the franchise. Instead, the game has an array of interesting, quirky, well-sketched characters. Even very minor figures are well written and a lot of effort clearly went into their writing.

Thanks to everyone who made this game possible!

I just played through the game for the first time. There's a lot more for me to see, but I can safely declare that cute and comfy and romantic. It's just the tone and level of content I want out of a game like this. The hook (finding love in a school for young women afflicted with magical ailments) is an easy sell but it's the specifics and the execution that really make this title stand out. The art is good, the characters enjoyable, and the situations interesting. I'm looking forward to getting to know the other characters!

I don't really have any negative criticism as such. I'll be adjusting the music volume down a bit on my next play (the default levels are fine, but it's my personal preference) and I'm go to echo a previous comment and say that an ending tracker would be lovely, but the game really doesn't need one. My experience was much more about getting to know and bonding with the characters (my chosen romantic interest in particular, but others, as well, notably the protagonist) and seeing the story as whole play out than trying to get an ending.

Thanks to everyone who worked on the game and its assets and to the backers for helping make it happen!