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Those Coded Lunatics

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Thanks for taking your time to play our demo, it means a lot. Don't worry, we've already updated and fixed the controls so they feel so much more tight.

We have also added six new moves to the player, so there's more variety and control while fighting the enemies. They can be seen here:

Yeah the game is still being developed, we're hoping to update the demo to reflect all our new changes very soon.

Thanks, kanetsu, for the Let's Play preview for our demo! Yeah, it's still very much work in progress, and are currently hard at work adding a tonne of new features, abilities, levels, modes, and tidying and cleaning up the gameplay to play at its best. We released this demo to basically get a little word out about our game and our company, and to give you a glimpse into what is to come.

Again, thanks for taking the time to play it, and for the constructive criticism!

Mike, Those Coded Lunatics