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is there a quick save option?

please come back one day 

where do i find English dub of prologue and chapter 1?

oh you where joking, i thought you was serious 

So you put a virus on it on purpose??!! 

..... Your kidding, right? 

thank you

Sad to hear but I understand however Did you have to make it undownloaded tho? Couldn't you at least kept the last version up? I only got a very very old version was waiting until it was finished to download it again 

are we able to select any vore options/gender we don't want to see?

if not can we?

well you sound like a lovely person 🙄

shit happens man, but they have the right to cancel there project if they want, its unfortunate yes but nothing we can do about it

is there a way i can save anywhere? if not would you be able to add that function? if not when is the 1st save option?

by any chance will there be a male version?

will you be adding more pokemon? and if so can you add vulpix and ninetales please?

will there be a version/update where the marco pred can be male or will it only be female?

nah, thats not it

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can you send me an invite to the server please?

edit: wait im an idiot

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question whats the sad song called?

the one that happens when tom helps mc out with his panic attack

By any chance in the next build Could we be able to name our human character please?

okay so i just starting the new update and i got to say, you should TOTALLY add that "why are you running" meme audio to the game, not only is it a missed opportunity if there is a visual novel it fits so well with in terms of goofiness  its this one X3

will you ever come back to this or is it long dead?

...oh yeah, must of misread the date as 2021 instead of 2020....shame

it might not be the case 

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For some reason it won't let me save, do I need to be at a certain point to save?

Also I pin all the furry games on my task bar but for some reason your share the exact same pin as another game called small on top, but when I click the pin it opens small on top and not MTAE this has never happened before