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Will there be a Mac version?

OK, I think I'm the first comment...

this looks cool af. I'm giving my first impression, before download...

honestly it looks awesome, and I'm excited to try it out.


f I don't have the right computer type ;(

Look sick tho!

I actually did this successfully. Open the contents of it. Go to the "Resources" folder. You'll see a lot of sound files. Download the sound you want, and name it the same as one of the files in the folder. Then just switch. Open the goose again, and every now and then, he'll play your sound.

First of all, tysm for replying. As answers to your questions,

1. How can I check task manager?

2. All fullscreen games and apps (besides Finder if it is one) are closed.

3. No, there were no computer errors or error messages of any kind.

4. What do you mean by extract the folder? I know that changes the folder, but I don't know what it does really. I haven't done it. When I downloaded the .zip file, it automatically turned into a folder called DesktopGoose-mac-0. Inside of it was the app, the thing to close it, and the text files.

5. No, there is no noise.

6. I have never moved anything out of the folder. All 4 items are in it.

go for it.


depends what system you are on-

for mac, there is a folder. Open it. Double click the app.

For windows, there is a zip file I think.

Unzip it, get the same folder.

Then just open to app.

And to close it,

On mac, open the thing in the folder

On windows, hold the "esc" button for a little bit.

Hope this helps!

First of all, click on the desktop. Then tap, on the top of the screen, "Go". At the bottom of the list, an option is "Go to folder". A box will open, and then copy and past the text you have in the comment. Then click go, and voila.

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Since this comment, I fixed this. I just downloaded the newest version, 0.3. I love this so much.

Please help. It's been a day since I posted this.

[Once this is off the front page of comments, I will re-post it so it goes back up for help.]

OK, I'm on Mac OS, and after running, sw_vers -productVersion , in terminal, it said 10.15. But this is the thing:

I downloaded the thing

open the folder

read the thing

open the app (as in double click it, like it is always shown.)

and nothing, at all, ever happens. And in the terminal, it says "[process complete]", which means the goose should be there. But it never appears.

I've even deleted all the files, then re-downloaded the files. Still nothing.

Any help? I really want this awesome goose friend.

(BTW Im keeping this page open so I know as soon as I get a reply. Please help!)