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Yes development is still ongoing. It is still planned to do more to hit my final tile goal. 

I just don't have as much time as I used to since I started my new job at the beginning of the year.

Thank you for interest!

Gonna make me cry! Thx for the comment and playing.

I have an update planned for the future to address black and white land vs water tile legibility. As is right now the black and white tiles without a color background look "okay", but definitely not as legible. 

Said future version 1,2 would address this and also adding flat top hex compatibility.

Thank you! It was a fun evening project to work on quick.

The Sword community · Created a new topic Feedback

got feedback and thoughts on first edition? Post them here and I can respond and note the feedback for whenever I release an update or even edition 2.

Hey, changed it from comments to the discussion board in case people want to share their adventures and thoughts on The Sword. As well as feedback or things you would want to see in future revisions, and supplemental material for the game.

hell yeah! :) thank you!

Can do! Will do this week and reply again once it is uploaded!

Hell yeah thanks for the comment it means alot!!

Looks good and sounds great!!

Good luck and have tons of fun! 

Also, i shared this on social media, but this is what the new cover looks like so far as a WIP! 

Hello and thx you!

Yes, the game is still in development and so will be being updated and revised as I work towards finishing it. Any feedback from the current version is important and useful to me to learn how other people are playing the game and if there is any confusion in the ruleset as it currently stands.

If you want to provide feedback, I just created a thread on the community forum where you can post playtest feedback and comments.

I'm open to most any feedback, but the most important to me is if there is any confusion in the game's rules. How long it takes to play. And any other comments.

If you are playtesting the game, you can post your feedback here! Any feedback about the following is appreciated:

  1. Were there any rules that were confusing?
  2. What were your favourite parts of the game?
  3. How long did it take you to complete your first playthrough?
  4. What information would you want more of in the game for its final release?
  5. Do you intend to play the game again in the future?

Any other comments are welcomed! Including what you would want to see in a future update or parts of the game that you found not enjoyable.

Feel free to post links to your actual plays here! If you are hosting them on another site, just link them. If you want to share the whole actual play post, then make a new topic especially for it and use the actual play tag.

This thread is where you can suggest or request different types of brushes or items to be added to the pack. I can't guarantee that they will all make it into the thing (or that they will). But if it seems like it makes sense and would be something that I overlooked then I'll consider it. 

This is the thread/topic/etc where I am just going to take requests like a cool DJ at a club. But that club is an art desk.

If you have maps that you have made or things that you have made using this brush pack, share links and images to them here! :) 

This post will be short and quick, but also for fielding questions. In short, you can use these brushes to create maps and sell those maps or put those maps into products that you then sell. You cannot sell the brushes themselves, or the images that make up each individual brush. 

You get permission to make stuff to sell using these brushes by buying this map pack. The licence does not expire. If you get the brushes from a friend without buying them, you can't charge money for what you make using them because you as an individual have not paid for a license.

Anyways, I will expand on this when I am less tired (and if I get any questions).

I really loved this game! It was a spooky and thrilling solo experience that really grabbed me and felt like it was the perfect length for someone who is trying to escape a forest.

It took me around 36 minutes to play and had light journaling elements that I really enjoyed. This game is a steal at $5.00 and is definitely worth your time if you are into folk horror as much as I am!

I also wrote a long form review here going into further depth about what really clicked in this game!

This game has so much to offer and I can't wait to play it again :)

(Image is of my character Genevieve Ransom's character sheet for when I played the game)

I love this ruleset! Thank you for posting it. I would say to anyone reading this, that this is probably the best rules light game I have seen for running scenarios written in other game systems because converting stats or anything like that isn't needed to play a pre-written adventure.

I wrote a longer review over on my blog. But I think this is a steal at $1.00.

Woohoo yay! I just barely finished my writing so that'll give me time to look it over before finalizing things.

The submission time is quickly approaching and I am unsure if I will be completely done and posted by the hour it is up. If I create a submission page, can I upload it a day later? Or can the deadline be extended by a day? 

I am working on some star map hex rules for creating a galaxy to explore in.

This jam entry has a font that comes with it that I made for the titles and headings. The font is called Robort.

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I saw that! I thought it was so cool what yall did and played. I hadn't thought of how it'd do as a PbP so I was impressed.

Also I am glad you enjoyed it! :) i think the day i saw the PbP thread was the same day I hit a sales milestone and cried xD 

I liked the drawings in this small zine. The evil bug was especially rad. I also like that the tables for actions that different character's are doing could result in everyone being asleep and adventurer's having to just sneak around to solve their issues. Overall, really cool and I hope the lego's funds continue to grow :D

I would greatly appreciate an extension! As I just started getting to my entry the other night and have some writing to do to fill it in then submit it.

thank you so much :) the rules are some quick dungeon fantasy rpg rules generalised! :)

thank you so much! Your awesome and have a really great game here.

Not sure where to put this issue that I am having.

After completing four of them, I am in the temple of Ba.... something something. 

There is an area where I pick the right hand path, and I have to use platforms  and green and red blocks. I place a clone allowing the red to be visible and able to be jumped on.

If I die in this area, the game freezes and then crashes. If there's any more specific files, or information you want me to throw you let me know. And I can send a zip copy of the game files to whatever support email you have even if it would help. (File obviously aimed toward developer not random commenters).

Also its an awesome game and I love it.