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Thomas Novosel

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I liked the drawings in this small zine. The evil bug was especially rad. I also like that the tables for actions that different character's are doing could result in everyone being asleep and adventurer's having to just sneak around to solve their issues. Overall, really cool and I hope the lego's funds continue to grow :D

I would greatly appreciate an extension! As I just started getting to my entry the other night and have some writing to do to fill it in then submit it.

thank you so much :) the rules are some quick dungeon fantasy rpg rules generalised! :)

thank you so much! Your awesome and have a really great game here.

Not sure where to put this issue that I am having.

After completing four of them, I am in the temple of Ba.... something something. 

There is an area where I pick the right hand path, and I have to use platforms  and green and red blocks. I place a clone allowing the red to be visible and able to be jumped on.

If I die in this area, the game freezes and then crashes. If there's any more specific files, or information you want me to throw you let me know. And I can send a zip copy of the game files to whatever support email you have even if it would help. (File obviously aimed toward developer not random commenters).

Also its an awesome game and I love it.