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Does exactly what it says! This is going to make playing a lot of WADs a lot more fun :)

Every time you succesfully take down a bad guy (by shooting him), the music stops and everyone stops what they are doing for a second, then quickly ignore it and continue their business as the music starts up again.

For some reason (drinking + two day hangover) I have yet to actually get started on my game. But I did doodle this character art thing:

Tomorrow I hope to spend a couple of hours setting up a simple game loop where you have a saloon on screen, you can buy inventory of beer and whiskey, customers walk in, buy beer and whiskey, and eventually leave.

Later on, hopefully: customer satisfaction rating affecting patronage, world events too, hiring staff of bartenders, pianoplayers and bouncers, paying them every day, violent customers that you can shoot if you have bought the gun, prostitution.

- Bartender pretty much mandatory, but he can die
- Prostitution (men+women) good source of income and increased interest in establishment, which also means...
- More dangerous customers. Bouncers catch most, but if you can't afford one you need to take them down yourself (pay attention, point and shoot.)
- Piano player increases sale of alcohol...

Hi all.

I Found a website with a ton of midi arrangements of old ragtime music . The guy who made it has copyright for the performance, but states that his work can be used for non commercial purposes. So if we attribute credit I think it's fine.

I'm making a saloon sim game I think. And this type of piano music played by square waves is just what I was looking for, so thought I'd share. Good jamming everyone.

Thanks a lot! It's not really the sound I had in my head, but it's still great.

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Hi everyone. 

I was looking around for pc speaker audio samples in preperation for this jam and stumbled across this video. It's about the differences between the pc speaker emulation in DOSBOX and the real thing.

The cool part is that the real pc speaker has this robotic quality that I had completely forgotten about after years of emulation, but it instantly brought back a feeling of playing games on old IBM hardware.

Listen to the difference between DOSBOX at 2:39   - And   6:11

(The latter is actually simulated as well, but much closer to the sound from those classic ID games I think)

Anyway of course I'm trying to recreate that sound for my CGA jam game.
I'm using VST's. Does anyone here know of a way to recreate that robotic sound with music software. I tried throwing LFO's and FM modulation at a sqare wave, but I can't seem to get very close.

Might be a long shot, but it's worth a shot :)