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no, not story mode, I meant free roam mode, it already has a story. I meant like a sandbox mode.  like where you can do whatever you want with iris.

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won't be there a free Rome mode, where you don't have to pay any debt in the game

can you change the nutrion goal of both the engineer and the caw girl where do I find that?

I got the manual crank, but ho do I connect something with it?

I need a guide on electricity in this game, can you help me out, or at least make a crafting guide for this game?

how do you unlock the poses in this game?

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well it's good that you are not pay walling the invulnerability cheat, I just don't understand why some inflation games in have to be paywalled. wouldn't it make the game worse?

edit: I'm not talking about glut-tonne demon btw

I can't progress the game, nor can I even open bag and stats. will you fix that?

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An invulnerability cheat is a good idea, but please don't make it a Patreon exclusive, because it wouldn't work with the game when you would keep on dying over and over. 

and will it be a god of war type of game? because god of war has an easy difficulty. All the god of war games do. god of War 1 is as hard as dark souls in the easy difficulty when you were progressing (they should have thought that through when they are making the game) but at least the other god of War games are better to beat through at least.

edit: make sure you get hit by half of a heart, not a full heart, because as you say the players messaging you, they can't upgrade the character fully and it makes the game into a dark souls rip off. and it wouldn't work in the game

and I have 2 requests. 

request #1: will you make the weapons upgradable, including the main weapon to add more damage? 

request #2: will you make your character bigger and bigger for the sake of inflation and weight gain?

will there be an easy mode in the next update? 

the criticism for this game is that it was way too hard and that you can't upgrade your character completely when you have a terrible health bar. and the fact that there is no easy difficulty is making it even worse. a good game, but it needs to have easy difficulty and the health bar needs to be upgraded a little bit so whenever you are at the normal difficulty or endless, it will at least make it even easier for you to upgrade your gear.

charlie morningstar skin for sheep

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will you give the humanized sheep the skins of charlie Morningstar from hazbin hotel, both regular and demon forms?

edit: and also metal amy for the robot girl

can you change the idle poses of each character?

I made my character large, but I can't seem to shrink her back to her normal size, do you know how to change her back?

I need some instructions on how to mod the game, does anybody know how to do it, or better yet, can anyone give me instructions on how to mod the game?


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will you add the ankha the cat skin for the fox girl in the next update? and will the new character be a dragon girl?

mimmie is kinda sexy though, and i want to see her get bigger in the future. will she be near immoble?

will you add an endless mode to the game and an even bigger Mimmie? I just wanted to see how big and huge she can get when she how mutch she can eat, getting bigger and stronger as she gets? and what do you think of the idea of esc button be the exit button when you're done?

will we see the dragoness grow bigger depending on how much lbs?

Theres a bug where instead of main menu when I click back the game, theres only a horizon background image. can you fix that plz?

will you add flutterbat to the game

maybe you can add a sex transformation for all of the characters,  like, when you kiss a female character it would cause a transformation of your own customization based on sex and fertility. for example,  take Talia. let's say that you can customize her standard form, but when you kiss her, it will cause her to transform into a form of your own choosing, like breast expansion, butt expansion, belly expansion, or both. and no not the transformation of another species, just the same species, like, the saiyans from dbz as an example of what I'm suggesting.

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may i suggest that you add a feature to make your character grow faster, like a feeding tube? and I hope you add new food that actually does make you grow faster.

the game worked for me just fine so I don't know 🤷

will there be any dialogue in the game?

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that's funny, i broke the game diffrently when tge number rises up faster and her boosem disappears and everything is gone.

I tried the park, and all I get is a black screen.

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is this game based on the Mandela catalogue? that would be pretty cool if it was.

EDIT:nvm it is

thank you, and i just realized that there were wodrs at the bottom of the graves and i didn't realize it  DX

I'm an ideot allready.

the second one, the one with the rectangle with two arros facing oppisatly with eatch other, you know, the one that says "join

can you help me with grimotika's grave tombstonre puzzle? i'm stuck.

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would someone help me out with Gimotika's Cemetery? I'm so confused

i'm trying to do the skeliton himt and the tombstone map hint r whatever, but i don't know how to solve it, can anyone help me?

the tome stone puzzle i mentwas the spelling the word join, how am I supposed to do that?

i broke the game XD

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when you chat with this girl ai (i forgot her name allready) and when yoyu click the gain weight option it just leaves the chat blank with no way to press forward, nor to actually quit the game, so I have to use task manager to x off the game,  and i never played it ever since


yup the newest version

when I say leave it blank I meant the text box is literally blank like you can't go next nor can you go back, like it is so glitched out, that I can only use the task manager to x out the game. I hope this crap gets fixed.

what new skins have you added