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Thanks !

Oh ! Thank you, that really means a lot to me ! In fact it my safe place too, I made this game for this (personal) purpose...

Very good experience ! Interesting to discover this place in a vision less frenetic and hallucinatory than the original game. This game shows us the other side of a world where everything is happy and animated. Nice Job !

Btw if you want a French translation,don't hesitate, send me your texts (

It's normal :-)

You have to find the missing script somewhere in the island (maybe in a cave... maybe...)

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Naufrage was released in 2015-2016, the Oculus controllers did not exist at that time. Sorry but only Xbox controller or keyboards are working. :-(

Nice playthrough, thanks !

Thank you so much !

Sadly, Naufrage is only compatible with Oculus Rift. I develop the game in 2016, Steam VR did not exist at that time.

Thanks for playing and for the video you made !

Indeed you finished the game, congratulations :-)

Glad you liked it.

Sorry that you did not like it. Thanks anyway for playing.

Thank you for your review !

You probably did not miss anything (maybe some texts, but the glitched room is the real end). I assume, it's an abrupt ending :-)

In fact, I'm the only developer, there is just a musician and 2 writers who helped me for music and texts. That's why it's a little game...

Thank you for playing :-)

Thank you for your video and playing Naufrage :-)

You finished the game in 20 minutes, well done !

I understand that the story was a bit confusing, but the texts scattered on the island can help to understand.
Story is also open to interpretation.

Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Try fo find something in the grass (to north/east  if you consider that the capsule is south)

Thanks, it is heartwarming :-)

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Indeed... well seen !

In fact it's a "bug" in
The download module automatically renames the zip with the initial name of the channel (which was... beta at the beginning).

My original zip is correct. I don't know if I can change it... I did not find how to do it

In any case it's the correct (final) version that you downloaded

If you are in the black and white mode, try to go to the top of the mountain...

Hmmh, that's unexpected...
Where did you read that?

Yes, and it's just the beginning :-)

Thank you !

Yes it's the End. I'm sorry you did not like it...

It would be a great idea but Naufrage was developped 2 years ago. Today I work on other projects. I would have to find the time to reinstall older version of Unity (Naufrage was developped on Unity 5.3 and is incompatible with Unity 2017+) to work again on it...

...and... it seems that openhmd lib on unity is only compatible with Unity 5.6.

Unfortuately not. I only had an Oculus Rift to develop this game...

Thank you :-)

You have to find something in the grass ;-)

Hmmh, I see.. It's a little glitch.

When you press "UP" (or joystick up) to leave the moon, you're teleported at the funfair. But if you continue to press up, your're teleported to the moon again... :-(
Try to press "up" juste once, normally it should work.

Sorry for this glitch ang thank you for playing Naufrage and for your encouragement :-)

Thank you ! It makes me very happy.

« but, I've gotten to rainbows and I can't find out how to continue. it hurts my eyes »
You have finished the game ! I admit it's a bit ... rude, but it's the end :-}

I admit that the end is somewhat surprising^^

Hope you enjoyed the game !

Hihi, it's normal... You have just finished the game... ;-)

Oh ! Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it :-)

Normally, in the 1d part you can move horizontally... Then, you access to the end :-)

Hmmh, yes it's almost that (there is just a small part afterwards)... GG !

Yes. Done :-)

Yes, here :-)

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Strange, most people find the solution in few seconds... :-(

Here is the solution.

Dont' forget you can zoom in ;-)

I found a walkthrough here (her reactions are fun^^) :

Oh ! Thank you very much :-)

To avoid spoil, the answer is here

However, were you able to use the telescope when the tower was transparent? Normally it's impossible, we see blur...
If so, on which platform do you play ? It's maybe a glitch...

OK, so you're at ~ the half of the story

For you a little help here

Hi ! Unfortunately, I don't think there is a walktrough for now...

Where are you stuck ? Maybe I can help ?