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Thank you very much ;)

Yes and no , its a little bit hard to explain but it works like this :

Lets say you talk to Jessie about some stuff you really like (for example talking about making video games like you said before)

And you think that jessie is giving correct answers ( kinda like a human would answer the same questions) .

You can than activate the ""code, The code allows the program to save data from that conversation (to a maximum of 2000 typed words "including answers typed by the Jessie program) So she doesnt exactly save the full text ( like a email would do for example) but rather she Saves the Ansewers given to the type of Questions ! I am not to sure if this explains it to well XD but its the best i can do haha.

We are working very hard to impove Jessie to a much much stronger A.I and hope to finish this project around June this year !

Aslong as Jessie is in the ( early acces) mode you can receive updates via email (t.eric9420@gmail.com) for free ! when fully finished the software will be for sale @ 15$ !

ENjoy your day ***Team Thomaaasmix***

Hello Knife Drawer Games,

First of all thank you very much for showing intresse in Jessie The A.I Robotic Companion !

As stated above this is a (early acces) version of Jessie ! Meaning it is not fully developped yet.

@ this moment Jessie is not fully capable of being able to remember everything you type. Unless you would use the pre-programmed command : "Jessie save data" after everything you say.

What you want is totaly the goal for us to ! But developping a strong A.I like that takes time + money !

So thats why we started this (early acces) program on itch.io in the hope to raise some more money for the project !.

We will contact you as soon as Jessie gets a new update ! and send it to you for free !

Incase you want to know more please send a email to : t.eric9420@gmail.com / subject : Jessie.info.

Enjoy your day ! ***Team Thomaaas Mix***