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I know i have already commented once, but, I just cant stop thinking about how awesome this game will be. I came up with a few more suggestions listed below:

- Weather impacts on the slopes

      - Rain depleting the base and exposing dirt spots, snow building the base

      - Season start mode where you open terrain based off of your specific mountains capabilities. This can play into clientele satisfaction and mountain operations strategy wimilar to the real world. 

      - Ability to regulate the amount of snow on the trail 

              - Snowmaking and grooming will play into this

I work for a ski resort in the western United States and have always been looking for a realistic game to mimic mountain operations and ski area management strategies. I feel like this game has a significant chance of being that. I'll comment again if I can think up of anything else. 

Overall a great start. I would like to see some mountain operations included in the game. I was thinking snowmaking with actual snow gun placements and whales forming, different types of snowcats, and possibly some parks. To go into more detail, I was thinking either a fan gun set up or an expansion into low energy guns like HKD or Snow Logic to high energy guns like Ratniks. Also, abilities to open and close runs and lifts would be awesome.