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hi, nice concept, and the different parts of  the game are great, BUT,  the game is not idle

- the penalty for being idle/offline is too great, and without using out of game autoclicker on at least one part/tab and keeping the game running/online, thus having your pc/notebook running 24/7, you are not able to see any meaningful progress.

it is really necessary to give us autoclickers/automation ingame for each part, here my examples what would make it really idle, yet still not lose the strategy part

village - ability to put buildings into queue depending on current max ressources limit, not current reccources - that way you do not need to babysit village all the time and can actually go to sleep/work/holiday and make some progress

- you can make it earnable per building, or  producing robots that do it, something like this, or achievement

horde/mining/farm/village - ability to earn autoclicker for abilities and for buying upgrades that you can assign

mining - could be a way to turn scrap into parts and build robots who work on upgrades

horde - building frankenstein familiars from flesh who cast the spells and buy upgrades

farm - giving gnome living water to turn them into automatic garden gnomes who replant and upgrade for you

village - special administrative building where you put workers who keep an eye which part of your vilage needs to be upgraded

all these could be made gradualy permanent after reaching a specific milestones/achievements - yet still have the ability to deactivate them, so you can play actively if you wish, as doing the decisions actively is still much more effective and efficient than idle/offline brainless autohelpers - BUT we could actually shut down the pc/notebook for awhile. :)

also got energy nan

hi, i saved the game, then when i tried to load it, it just loads the beginning

thankyo :)

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While playing I got no webgl error and after that the game loaded as a new game. To prevent this happening again, I signed for the cloud. Then I imported my offline save from my last backup save. But I believe I am missing the 100 AI points for cloud.

I disagree, some people, like me, don´t have time to play every day, sometimes I am even serveral days offline, so 24h is great. I would even like some quest or synth or something, to be able to be able to collect offline time even more, or another mechanic/upgrades/synths/switches etc. where you can switch between idle/offline and active/online or idle/online, each having some advantages over others, just like we switch things around for all the different parts of the game.

Hello, ist there any way to adjust font size, I am unable to read the small size?When I try to do it with browser zoom, the game is unplayable, because then I cant reach parts of the game screen.