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Thanks Adam! Can't wait to show off the rest of this once I have a little time to wrap it up.

This is adorable

What a cute little guy!

Thank you so much for playing, and writing about my work! <3

Thank you for streaming my game! I appreciate it so much! 💖

Thank you for playing!

Thank you Kai! This is not my first Bipsi, but it's the first one I've finished and published. Looking forward to making more!

Thanks so much! The Bipsi microengine is very excellent and facilitated a lot of what I did. Their discord and the people in it (thanked above) were also very helpful. It's beginner friendly if you'd like to try it yourself sometime.

Thank you! I can only imagine what the emotions of a powerful blob must be like...

Thanks for playing! I started making it in November for the Bitsyfest jam and just finished the day I published it. So, 4 months?

Thank you! I probably won't put this on Steam, but I could try to add gamepad support. I'll leave a comment for you if I add this!

Thank you!


Thanks for playing!

Thank you, Princess!

beautiful work! welcome to the bitsy community.

Can I submit a late entry?

Hey Adam, I just missed the submission deadline. Is it possible to submit late to the jam? 

I'm glad you're recovering. Thank you for sharing the poem.

Thanks Adam! I wanna participate either way, but your answer will probably greatly influence what I end up doing & how I approach it!!

Can we use Bitsy-likes (Bipsi, Mosi, etc.) to participate in the Jam? Or Vanilla Bitsy only?

A compelling story, well worth the asking price and then some.

This is great! All those rooms were worth the effort!

Thanks so much for the shout out! Glad you liked it.

thank you so much!

Thank you for playing!

I love this! I've been making some pixel vignette stuff in bitsy lately & it's great to see similar in another engine! Maybe I should finally check out godot.

This is great. I'm going to have to check out Bipsi sometime soon.

Thank you so much!

Thanks for playing it and sharing it with others!


Aw shucks

Thank you!

Thank you for the compliments and also the fonts!

Thanks so much!

Thank you!

thank you!!

Thank you! I like your poem games a lot too!

Thanks for checking it out!

love your puns and the bird pecking animation is aces