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i cant play it online, it says "error:script error

I liked this, but I couldn't restart it in my browser, and when I downloaded it there was no audio

this is such a creative game, i loved playing it!

good game

good game

Thank you for your response, dont worry about it! :)

a very spooky and amazing game!

holy crap, this game is amazing. that jumpscare really got me too. very good graphics with a unique storyline, I need more games like this

this game is so awesome! the drawings are so cute

holy crap! ik this game was made like 6 years ago, but it's amazing!!

is there any way to make the lights not turn blue so fast? i was in the dinning room and I was just barley able to get a plate and some cutlery before the torches changed blue, it'd take me hours to do the whole thing, am I doing smth wrong?

I can't play the game, whenever it got to the scene of her falling asleep, the game crashed and kicked me out, I tried 3 times and reinstalled it, but it didn't work.

this was so amazing, I've never seen a game like this before. Please make more games like this, it was so fun, yet, sad to play