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Thanks for the review. 
Glad you liked it. We made a game with my son.
The first level is almost 1/5 of the whole story...  plus one more level - survival. This is a very short game, so this demo is so short. Release date February 25th (we changed it) - very soon.

I understand...
(about translation) If you decide  - let me know.

The beauitiful game! Good story and visual design. Thank you for it. 
Waiting a continue. ... Will it be?
Postmortem is awesome! I love sketches and development stories..

P/S: Would you be interested in translating your game? I can help translate it to Russian. (totally free, of course)

More enemies - more hardcore!

Very meditative game. 

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The settings are already set to fast. However, the jump is not triggered immediately. "Maintenance security locks" always jumps to the next digit forward when I hit "invert". Don't  think about it, the game is good!!! Very good. Thank you for it.

That's realy harder than previous games on flash. Also, my computer system is weak. This adds difficulty too. The game is  awesome!!!

Sweeeet! Not as stinking as before. Ha- ha..


Yeah! I love those guys very much.

Your product is very high quality!  I'll buy it.(on steam)

Very similar to

but not bad!

Thank you! We'll keep on going!

Thank you! 

My son was drawing all the graphics. He is 7 years old.  Now remastering the game "Mysterious Town" on the Unity engine. Will be released within a few days. All graphics in this game also were drawn by my son.

Highscore board was added!

fixed buttons links

Thanks, man! That's my son's idea.

+ few tricks + fix minor bugs

+ new weapons + shop + awesome melee arts...   please, look for a bugs.

+ new weapons + shop + melee arts...   please, look for a bugs.

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I can tell you. - 11.5 mb the folder with unpacked build.

Or you want the build, as it is - where to place it?

zip w build

More zombies added. + Some  experiments with sound. + Saving progress in cookies ...