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Christine Danse

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Ooo, it looks like something you can set up! In case it helps and you haven't already seen this:

Sadly, at least on my end, the "card" option is not through PayPal. It looks like it uses Stripe.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the kind words!

Fair question. It's a branching narrative IF game with only one button! I wrote it exactly as I would have written an IF using ChoiceScript or ink script, though with the computer making the choices... So yes, in effect, the output reads as a seamless story. I was trying to figure out how an interactive fiction game would look and play with only one button or only one choice, and the result!

Also, well, it is only one scene. *grin*

Ha! CuteI This was sweet and fun, and the little surprise twist at the end made me grin. ;D

Loved this! 

I admit the white screen with the band of black at the top--along with the complete silence--threw me off at first. I thought there was a problem with the resolution and audio. Then the animation began--perfectly in sync with the text and the sound effects. What fun! And that parrot!! 

Looking forward to more.