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im planning on making a fanmade ipad baby2

i'll make the game easier soon

sure BurgerHead | Play on

Yeah, change the z order of an object, its basically the y in top down movement.

Ty, it means a lot to me as a dev.

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Hi! i loved your extension im even making a game on it! can i make videos on my channel about my games using your extension and putting your name in the video?

ok, i think i discovered the secret and this is my proof, i ended up dying but i found like a green dark shark in the most deep parts of the ocean, did i beat it?, btw i give it a 9.2/10, its pretty easy to get all the upgrades but i still had a good time.

it crashes when the terrain loads :/

Im thinking of making 1.1 version..

wohooo! i wasted 345mins on this game just to waste my life! 😀

whats your vextoria user?

If you added loop rooms this would be awesome :D