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loved the relaxing experience of just finding my forest friends as I walked through the environment :)

Game looks amazing! felt like playing the games I used to play as a kid! had some trouble controlling the fairy but overall enjoyed the search of the egg! laughed at the giant :D

Awesome voice acting. I loved and hated the dialogue at the same time xD loved the banter, but wanted to make it go faster so I could get to the info about the item. whole setting of the game is executed really well!

cool game, with some learning curve in the platforming. One thing that could improve the movement a bunch is adding dynamic jumping (longer you hold the button, the higher you go) to give the player good control over their movement. great job!

Cool concept, a close but very different take on what we ended up doing with our game :D Loved the voice over and overall setting! the day felt a bit long tho, but overall very cool :D

Awesome idea to find new parts that grant you more mechanics! nice and puzzley vibes. I did get stuck on the level after the boost, but awesome concept :)

Awesome art and great execution. The level design feels punishing at places, killing the player for stuff they could not have known, but all in all an awesome entry!

looks very nice and polished! Numbers were a bit hard to read sometimes but overall really cool take on the theme!

I got stuck on the third cart but overall really psychedelic experience!

looks awesome! super well done!