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Keiko is very good at distracting me...

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"Shika's... content [is] equivalent to a normal new version!"

...are you calling Shika fat!? :P

Some complex poses, eh?  I'll be looking forward to that. ;)

Jokes on you, I'm into that shit.

Talk to Claire to unlock access to the East side of the map, then you can visit the shops.  She'll tell you about a secret access tunnel.

For certain definitions of "fine."

If the attorney or the judge says anything you don't agree with, just remember to stand up, point at them, and shout "OBJECTION!"  

...actually, probably don't do that. XD

" Todays render is Jackie in the lobby of the university."  ...with the spanner???

Or is Jackie more of a candlestick kind of girl? >_>

Do you have enough Ichor to afford an elixir?  Might need to find some (search around the bridge).

As for the locations after the bridge... did you talk to Claire?

This update is just more proof that Lyx is the greatest goblin ever.  And I have met a LOT of goblins throughout my life.  

"...location links are clearer and less squiggly"  What?  Who wanted that?  MORE SQUIGGLES! 

Claire blushing was pretty darn great, but the best face was definitely Lyx in the flying bar.  

So convincing!  

Very trustworthy!

Much reassuring!


Did you already welcome her into the manor?  She's in her room in the West Hallway. 

First there was breakfast, then second breakfast, but now there's a pre-breakfast!?  This is getting out of hand. 

The specifics vary from country to country, but no matter where you live, the justice system is a pain in the ass. 

Looking forward to the prologue, a.k.a. My Old Memories. :P

Just leave, go to another location, and then come back.  Nowhere specific you have to visit.  Go visit the shops or the bar or the college or the farm, whatever.  You don't have to spend any time, just visit another location and then head back to the flat.  It'll trigger a scene with a new character.

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Totally unrelated, but I started playing from the beginning again, and I've got to say, the Glytches are really cool.  I like how they've been implemented.'s super weird seeing Morgana again, though.  -___-

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*fills a collection vial with Arc's tears*


Nah, man, that's the best!  Get to spend the whole night with your buddy having a manly sleepover.  Eating snacks, telling stories, having muscle fights (it's like a pillow fight, except you smack each other with your muscles instead of some wimpy pillow), talking about girls... then eventually you start wrasslin' over some silly thing (THAT WAS MY POPTART, DEREK!) and wear yourselves out until you both fall asleep in the middle of a submission hold.

They may take away our lives, but they'll never take... our children! D:<

Has she appeared in the morning after you slept?  You might have to just do a normal sleep, not sleep with someone.

If you've already woken up and found her there (twice), did you look for her around the manor?

Help!  I've become addicted to sleeping with Viola!  D:  It's like a mini gacha game...

Heehee, I got lucky and got the Lyx "surprise" on the first try. XD  First two tries, actually... FOR SCIENCE!

Viola made me work for it. ^_^;  The surprise was certainly nice, though.  On her normal awakening, should the MC really be asking her "How did you get Viola's fluids?"  It seems an odd thing for him to ask when she is as she "should" be.  Or perhaps I've gone mad.

Lily is just wonderful.  Would be protected by her any day.

I might need to post a screenshot (yes, yes, Discord, I know...), because Pixie's Normal Outift -> Small naughty scene still has the wrong proportions on my machine. :/  Both the Naked and Schoolgirl outfits look correct, but Normal has her stomach the wrong size.  I know I mentioned this before and you told me everything was fine, but I'm saying it again because I'm a pest! 

Hana's room is at least properly inaccessible.  Ard probably barred the door.  

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TRAGEDY!  Someone let Ami take a break! D:

I clicked on her room, even though you said I couldn't (sorry...) and, surprisingly, she was inside.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, her model was the old one without the battle damage.  Dang she's pretty....

*ahem*  But, yeah, bug?  Probably a bug, probably reported, but here we are.

Those haven't been implemented yet.  They're coming in future updates.  Church and the rest of the "main" map probably won't be for a while, as last I heard Arc's current focus is on the outskirts map (with the Farm). 

No art style change, just LOTS of stress! :P

Now you made me thirsty!

Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus!

Charlotte blushing is too heckin' cute.  Are you trying to give me a heart attack???

Just a few quick notes, since comments aren't enabled yet on the 0.2.12 changelog. 

First of all - Fell Dungeon did not give me a character card for clearing it.  First clear only netted Essence, as if it had been a repeat. :/  And Sess'Harx needs her card, because it deserves to be... appreciated.

The dungeons in general are a nice addition, but at the same time what we have is a bit underwhelming.  "They contain no story elements - just opponents in your way and rewards to pick up!"  I certainly can understand them not being tied to the main story, but... having nothing to read?  Nothing at all???  It just feels wrong.  Especially in THIS game.

I've long come to accept that regular combat in this game is anything but challenging, but I had hopes the boss battles might prove an interesting tactical exercise, at least.  Something to feel good about beating.   Arwin has damage potential, but - at least the two times I've fought her - never attacks from more than one source at a time.  Far too easy to parry, or even just ignore and tank it.  Blu has impressive armor, and with the unbalance in her leg armor, does a fair job to stymie reliance on Blade Flurry or Dodge, but a simple bit of focus sees her defeated without any fuss.  (It's also a crime that Blu can't be bred, but... I digress.)  Sess'Harx has lots of delicious flesh, but that's it.  Just hit on... I mean, attack her a few extra times and it's over.

None of the bosses even managed to break through a single one of my armor locations, and I'm NOT an armor-focused character.  All of the bosses are just slightly tougher versions of "Elite" enemies you faced in a different dungeon... which are, themselves, just slightly tougher versions of regular enemies you faced already.  Hardly worthy of being considered bosses.  Could you massively increase their HP / Armor / Damage again to turn them into tougher fights?  Sure, but... if you want them to be interesting and memorable challenges, they really need some extra gimmick to make them actually threatening.  Or at least a bit of a puzzle.

I realize I should probably start a fresh character, because natural progression makes the MC ridiculously overpowered without even trying.  Even starting fresh, however, you get to the point where this level of combat is trivial very quickly.  

And, yes, I understand that combat is not the main draw of this game.  But like I said at the start - not having anything to read here just feels wrong.  This puts undue focus on the combat - which is disappointingly simple - and the rewards - which are... well, collecting some new items (and new cards, though Sess'Harx still needs hers) was at least a fair draw at first, but most don't warrant repeated runs.

Yona and the book was actually adorable.

Why do I feel like Jessica and I are going to have to wrestle her into that bathwater? XD

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I would not be disappointed if I woke up to Lyx using my chest as a workstation for producing explosives.  Terrified, but not disappointed.  XD

The Ard awakening is still my absolute favorite, after all, so I definitely don't need an erotic wake-up call.

So where do I sign the petition to get Lyx added to the "Sleep with Someone" list for the next update? 

I'm... I'm only slightly worried about being bitten or exploded during the night. >_>  But, frankly, sharing a bed with her or not doesn't significantly change the likelihood of either outcome. :P

Also, since she IS just living out in our yard, now, how about getting my girl Lily in on that wholesome sleeping action? 

I'd be happy to bring Viola into the mix as well, but there's probably story reasons not to add her, yet. <_<


Go pat her head.  That'll definitely make her feel better.

I've heard a rumor that every time you pat her head it shaves an hour off the time it'll take her to recover. <_<

Update brings back Lyx.

" step more to normality..."

Lyx.  Normality. Lyx.

I see we're two of a kind. XD

When Lyx "got out of her amazing disguise," I was hoping she would accidentally shed a few extra layers, as well. >_>  *sigh* 

Don't worry... she'll find you!

Actually, she won't.  Visit places on the map that might have something to do with the clue.  Found a blue flower?  Check places with lots of plants.  Found a school notebook?  Check a place where those might be used.  Just follow the clues around the map until they eventually (spoiled in the changelog itself...) lead you back to the manor.  But you actually do have to follow the clues, you can't just skip and find her in the manor first.  Because Lyx is testing your cognition, or something.  Probably.

And no, I won't give the exact locations to visit. :P

I like my elf au natuale. ;)

...big fan of the Elf Next Door and Warrior Elf looks, too, though.

[new events for Charlotte and Iris]

I love you more than cake.