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A good 20% of that, though, is actions taken out of exasperation from trying to talk to Gramps. :P

Go into the bathroom on Wednesday Morning and ask her if she's "Having a bath?"  After a brief conversation you get a new option: Let's Be Naughty.

You know... I feel sorry for the players who don't get to experience how precious and adorable Ami is.  Every time I see her I just want to go wrap my arms around her.  She is infinitely huggable.  

Have you met Emma yet?  In the morning, leave the flat and go somewhere. the Shops, for instance, and then just go right back to the flat - no need to advance time.  You should run into Emma.

If you've already met Emma, you'll have to be more specific for me to offer help. :/

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You can try using the Itch App which will update the game for you after you install it again using the app.

Otherwise just download the new version, install it, open it, and your saved games are all still right there.  Saves are stored in a different folder on the computer, so even if you delete the folder with the old version of the game, your saves are still available for the new version to use.

In either case you'll still have to download the game again at least one more time, but your old saves are preserved without you having to do anything extra.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hana won't let me leave the kitchen.  She just keeps asking for seconds.  And thirds.  And fourths.  >_<

*hides deed to the church under his pillow*  Nothing to see here.

One thing... it took me an embarrassingly long time to notice the [X] button to close the district view on the war map.  Maybe make that a different color so it doesn't blend into the background so well? >_>  Might just be a "me" thing, but I just kept rolling back (with the mouse wheel) and having to go back into the war map, because the [X] was camouflaged so well.

Still, recoloring that button is of minimal importance, so no worries if you love your yellow-on-slightly-lighter-shade-of-yellow color scheme. :P  I'll deal with it.

Maybe!  Definitely! ;)

I was... rejected?  What?  That's not supposed to happen!  Time to turn on the ol' Robin charm and win back the love of my lady Nexus.

Also need to stop by the Bar and see if my definitely-not-for-peeping binoculars can spy anything... interesting. >_>

I can be naughty with best girls Hana AND Ami, now?  Screw the rest of the world, Morgana can have it, I'm staying at home and keeping my two ladies company!

...seriously, I'm having trouble walking out the front door, now.  Even if I escape the kitchen, Ami just keeps ending up in my arms when I approach the door!  I may have to resort to sneaking out while they're sleeping! D:

Anna wants to talk about something... heavy?

It's about the MC putting on weight, with his mother cooking big meals for him all the time now and him not working out anymore, isn't it?  T_T 

Haha, look, just give me the option to make him exercise, I'll fix it!  I'll make him work out for 20 minutes in between each family member visit.

Hope 2023 is an all around better year for you!  ^_^  ...and all of the rest of us, too.  Give us a break, Universe-san. -__-;

Year of the porn game. :P

"You can now be informed when some events are ready through text, such as Kate asking you to go somewhere, and you can decide to start the event now or later."

I will gladly go anywhere Kate asks me to.  Right this instant.  No questions asked. :|

*shakes fist*  I'll get married one of these days! 

Haha, don't worry, a little delay is just making me even hungrier for that sweet married life. 

And I will, uhh... prepare myself to be nuked. 


Eventually. :P

So I reread your initial proposal, and I think we're hung up on different areas.  Sure, as you say, it would not be particularly difficult to make sex optional.  However, simply not having sex on screen wouldn't make this game Safe For Work.  There are times where there is nudity on screen with no sex involved (just two quick examples - the party where they play beer pong and the time we take Android to college and she hacks everyone's phones).  There are also drug references that would need to be removed, dialogue to be scrubbed - not just of sex, but of other topics not considered safe for viewing in a public area, let alone work - entire events and characters to rewrite... 

If your only goal here is to make all sex scenes optional, there's still a lot of work to do to eliminate references to it, but sure.  It's doable.  But, for me, that isn't the same as making this game safe for work.  Ashley will need more than just an option to say "no" to her sexual advances to make her SFW.  Maria, good lord, the number of interactions not only with the player character but with the other main and side characters that will need to be altered is staggering, to say nothing of what her job is at the start of her story.  The entire dynamic with the elves has to be redone.  The majority of the Info screen just... disappears.  What are we replacing it with?  All of the grindable "traits" are gone, and the only trackable stats for each girl that remain are Relationship Level and Affection (I assume Kisses, Hugs, and Headpats could instead be tracked for each girl and added to their pages, but this still leaves a huge hole to fill).

Let me be clear - I am not at all opposed to making all of the sex scenes optional... most of them already are.  But I think you and I have different ideas about what would constitute a "SFW" version of the game.

I also personally feel that while any specific sex scene is not integral to the overall story, sex itself is woven into the very fabric of what you have created - both the world you've built and the characters you've populated it with.  Excising it from the story will require approaching topics and characters in entire new ways and will necessitate a lot of rewrites that will inevitably change the story and the people we love.

It's your creation.  If this is a path you truly want to follow, go for it.  I'll still play and love the game.  I just think maybe you're getting in deeper than you realize.

Two-week break?  But what about my kids!?! D:

Haha, hope you enjoy the holiday, and have a Merry Christmas.  See you again after the festivities have died down.

Are you in Act 3?  Back in Act 2 you can find her in the Fey Floor of the East Hallway... if you brought her to live with you.  She's only in the kitchen during Act 3; in the morning and afternoon.  

Oh, and since the kitchen is clearly a bit messy and we're sparse on food with the current war going on, the Look Around The Kitchen dialogue...

"Aunt Jessica always keeps the kitchen clean and well-stocked.  I don't know how she finds the time."

... is maybe not so accurate anymore, once we find ourselves in Act Three. Especially with Hana seemingly having taken over kitchen duties. :P

During Hana's naughty scene, she says she can "Fell" the MC in her stomach.  Now, I know she's a bit preoccupied with keeping her clothes from getting dirty, so maybe it's an intentionally-written slip of the tongue, but...

Fell should be Feel. :P

Unless her stomach is about to chop down a mighty tree... D:

Oh, and you might already be considering this under "side character" content, but I'd really love to have even just a little bit more to do with my Sanctuary elves.  Specifically the ones that hang out in the back room.  Obviously Nia and Ojousama Sylvia have integrated stories already, with many more future events and interactions on the way... but my other Sanctuary elves need love, too.  And not just the "Let's have some fun!" kind of love. :P  

While Lin is the #1 greatest elf in existence and Nia is pretty dang amazing herself, Ann the dark elf is one of my favorites.  Not only is she universe-shatteringly beautiful, she's a lot of fun.  I want to spend more time with her.  Wholesome time.  Also sexy time, but mostly wholesome time.  I know you'll probably never write an epic story of politics and intrigue and vigilantism for her unless she gets tied in to Autumn's story, and I certainly don't expect it... but one or two cute little events where I interact with her in the hotel or maybe even hang out with her at the beach would be wonderful.

Peni.  Cute, sweet, ridiculously talented Peni.  Why isn't she working in my bar as an entertainer?  (Not that kind of entertainer. :P )  She comes with all sorts of skills and talents that we could put to great use at the hotel, the bar, or maybe somewhere else... but right now she just stands around waiting for me to say hello to her.  Look, I'm happy to pay her, let's just get some value out of her.  Also, a sweet date would be welcome.

If only somebody had put city hall up for sale! :P

Everyone's definitely just stuck in traffic. XD  At the front of the line, some random Rinko is just gawking at a cute inter-dimensional kitten and holding everyone up. :P

It would be really nice to be able to take one of the girls to a store to buy a new outfit, rather than having them all ordered online and mailed to you.  Certain ones should probably remain computer purchases only, but some more respectable outfits that you can wear in public (not the amazingly sexy Ropes... though in that city, I don't think too many people would care) could be cute scripted events to take the girl out shopping.

More Ellen, and more milfs in general, is never a bad thing.

I'm already roleplaying the manager as someone who doesn't want his girls' nudes all over the internet. :P  Once the bar is up and running money is only an issue during a couple characters' biggest events, and the money from selling the photos is insultingly low for even the most lucrative character.  I'd never let some jerk whack it to pictures of one of my ladies for $15. :| 

Tying Explore content into the stories more is definitely something I would love, but I agree that it'd likely be a hassle to code into the game.  Though, unlocking new locations where we could choose to go to for taking the girls on a date would be a nice option.  I need to take Kali bowling.  

The story in this game is amazing, and I'll admit at this point I'm definitely here more for Kali's, Lin's, "Android's" (I gave her a real name, and I really hate going back to just calling her that... >_< ), and Autumn's stories than I am for the sex.  THAT SAID... I have zero interest in removing the sex from the game. >_>  It certainly could potentially open up the game to a wider audience, but... realistically, how many people out there are both interested in a polyamorous story but opposed to seeing naked ladies?  I'm sure there are some, I just don't think it's a worthwhile use of time. *shrug*

I will always support more side character content... since a couple of those "side characters" are my favorite girls. ^_^;  

The farmable garden seems neat, but I personally would shy away from growing stat-boosting items or anything really usable.  A active-to-passive income generation with tied-in story content - LOTS of tied-in story content :P - would be wonderful.  Really, I just want more to do in the garden... and the hot springs... and the laundry room (don't give me that look :P ) in general.  I keep habitually visiting these places over and over hoping something will appear there, but they're so underused right now.  Ultimately I'll be happy with just about anything to increase the traffic and events in these areas, but being able to produce usable items with actual effects just creates an unnecessary headache for both you and us.

Adding holidays... well, I'm certainly not opposed, but in a game that currently is so meandering and at-your-own-pace, tying in timed content can be difficult to script.  What if an in-game major holiday happens while I'm away at sea for spoiler reasons?  Do I just miss it?  Does the game interrupt one of the most important story segments in the game to show me mysteriously back at home and having a grand ole time with my favorite elf?  Will there be a scripted warning before starting lengthy story segments ("Grand Poobah Day in 2 days, are you sure you want to start this event now?")  We'll also need a tighter reign on certain events that claim to take all day, or even multiple days, but only actually advance the in-game time by a single time segment.  

A new main character... you mean 5 of them, of course, yeah?  One more to fill out the second floor, and then another 4 for that third floor you're going to let me build onto the hotel.  Right?  RIGHT!?  Right... :P

More Explore content?  Yes, please.  Drow content!?!  YES, PLEASE!!!!  I was so looking forward to being able to purchase save that drow from Lin's contest event, but she's the only one who never showed up. T_T

The stupid cell phone... ugh.  So many games keep adding this feature.  I'm old!  I don't care about you kids and your dang beep boop rectangles! D:<  I just want to be able to call my mom once a week, I don't need the interwebs or pokemans on my phone!  *sigh*  Haha, I'm a cranky old man with a flip phone IRL.  An interactive mobile phone is FINE... I guess... but even in game I'll just fumble around and not know how to use it. XD

Option for a no-sex run?  Sounds too much like real life. :P

With (one of) our enemy being that damnable tree lady, I'm sure Jessica and crew had to sever the Manor's link with the Nexus to stop invaders from literally popping into the house for a visit... but I'm curious as to HOW, and also when we'll get it back.  I need my Minotaur queen, my excitable volcano lady, and my dream girl by my side.  Also, an army of rabbit-people might help, right about now. >_>

Ah.  My poor students.  They just HAVE to be okay.  I was going to impregnate all of them. T_T  I-i-i mean EDUCATE!  I was going to educate all of them.  *sniff*  So much education...

It's a tarp! D: 

I meen, trap!

Ah!  Shet!

Haha!  I actually was that kid, so... XD

This might seem a minor complaint, but with the current state of the game world... should I really be making money on Mondays, now? >_>  I feel like most or all of my income would have dried up, given the circumstances. :P

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*tries in vain to find Lucille on Wednesday*  You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille.  With 11 hungry children and a war in the fields.  Now I've had some bad times, I lived through some sad times, but this time your hurting won't heal.  You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille. :(

I guess I'll just have to visit Lilly a whole bunch until it turns into Monday again. XD  

...I keep banging on the front door to the bar, but all I hear is muffled cursing and giggling. o_O

Really, it's the only logical choice. XD

You have to get her Obedience up, first. :P

When you're in the kitchen for Sylvia's event and the choice comes up, "hear her out" or "Leave," just seeing that option there, to walk away after that build-up... I bust out laughing! XD  I couldn't stop.  Don't even know why I found it so funny, but the instant I read "Leave" I laughed so hard!

Loving the update so far.  There's so much I'd like to talk about, but I know this isn't really the place for it.  Keep up the amazing work!

Guh... I... I want to play with the new system, but... but I just can't bring myself to tell Jessica anything other than "you look great!"  I'd be lying!  I can't LIE to her! T_T

Seriously, she looks amazing.  Love the new outfit and hairstyle.  

One of my favorite random events was waking up with Ard.  Ami and Hana (and Ard) were the people I most often "slept with"... in the traditional sense... and every time Ard showed up in the morning I got a chuckle and a smile out of it.

I hope we can do those things again, soon. :(

Lucille's event was a welcome addition, but I miss being able to just spend time with my ladies (and my cranky bro). 

Tch.  I was laid up for too long.  Need to get my lady-grabbing-reflexes back in shape.  Emma won't escape next time!

You know Gramps has a submarine or two stashed away in his basement.  We could borrow it!