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Thank you very much, for the donation and for the wishes.

I also wish you a lot of fun with your project and I hope someday we will see it too. Keep up the good work. :)

Hello and I'm sorry, but it may be very unlikely to do. I plan in the future, to add other versions of the game (mostly, for Android), but I'm afraid here are no plans for 32-bit version of the game.

If 32-bit version really needed, the game is Open Source, everyone can grab its code, build it and release that version. I think it should work with 32-bit OS. Unfortunately, I don't have any possibility to test it.

Thank you very much for your help. I see what is wrong here, and I can reproduce it. I hope tomorrow, in less than 24 hours since this post, I will release a new, more stable version of the game. :) Furthermore, I'm a bit surprised how I could miss it.

Ouch, I'm sorry for the problem. If it is possible, could you, please paste here the content of the error.log file? The game should inform you during the crash where it is. Or just text which the game shows when it crashes. I will try to fix it.

Thank you very much. :) And don't forget, if you have any problems with the game, feel free to ask or report them. ;)

Thank you very much. :) And of course, thank you for keeping me on the track. :D

Ouch, that's “just” a bug. I will look at it. Thank you for the report. It happens when you are trying to study bronze plates only?

The problem is that is the start of the dependencies, not the end. :) If we want to ship custom libc, we have to build also every other library which is needed for the game.

Normally, these libraries included into the system. But they are compiled with the system's libc. In our situation, it would be some X server libraries too. I'm guessing how much space it would be taken. If you want to see, what need to be rebuilt, you will need to unpack the game to get executable and do “ldd” command on it. It should give a full list what is needed. 

Yes, I was thinking that same. ;) Unfortunately, it requires the most important system library and almost half of the system. :( It could end with additional 1 GB to download, eh. I'm thinking how to solve this problem but all my tries for now were unsuccessful.

Hello, and I want to apologize for the problems. The issue is that the game requires a bit newer version of GlibC — as far I see, Bullseye (the new stable) has it.

The only way which could work, would be build and running the game inside a Docker image, or trying to run Windows version. It should work under Wine. “A bit” inconvenient.

Of course, I understand. Especially for that small game. :) Other workaround is to use Windows version with Wine. This should work.

I was looking around a bit for solving the problem, and I'm afraid I have bad news. I can't fix it, at least not at this moment. The amount of work is so big, that it would greatly complicate everything for me. It literally requires to rebuild the whole system. Thus, at this moment, I'm sorry I can't do anything. Probably the only option is to wait for the next release of Linux Mint, or I will have more luck in the future and I will find a solution which doesn't require that large amount of work. :(

Yes, I'm sorry for waiting. I need to check a few things, maybe I can bring it back. Which exactly version of Mint do you use?

Thank you very much for your offer. I appreciate it a lot. :)

Hello, thank you for your kind words :)

Unfortunately, no, there is no option to translate yet the game to other languages. I have it on my to-do list, but on very low priority. Thus, I can't write when it will be added to the game.

Yes, I can confirm, that's the problem with the new version of the game, it doesn't want to work with the older versions of GLIBC. I will try to fix it before the next big stable version, but I cannot promise anything. Thank you for the report and the investigation.

Thank you very much, for the post and for giving motivation to work on the game. And don't forget to report any problems. :)

If this is not a problem, could please give some more information? It left any information, for example error.log file?

This one should be now fixed too. Just as I mentioned earlier, the fix will be available with the next major version (6.0) around one month from now or with the next development version on this Sunday.

Again, thank you for the report, and I'm sorry for the problem.

This one I got also, a few days ago. It should be fixed in the next development version or now in the nightly. Just the nightly is a bit complicated to use on Linux. Anyway, thank you for the report again, and again I apologize for the problem.

Thank you for the report I will check. Just probably the fix for the problem will be released with the new major version of the game (6.0), which means around one month, a bit long :/ Unless you prefer some more rough ride, then the new development version with the fix should be ready in next Sunday (in around 7 days)

About undead and low food: it could happen because there is a small chance that you will have in starting crew someone from a different faction. But for sanity, I'll check it too :)

Ouch, thank you very much for the report, and I'm sorry for the problems. I will investigate it. This problem happened in stable version, right?

Also, if it is not a problem, could you send me file error.log which was created during crash? Or just copy+paste it here, it can also help.

You are welcome :) And thank you for thanks :)

Heyo :) Good idea, thank you for it. It is one of these "paper-cuts" about which I was wrote. I will try to do it as soon as possible, so I don't forget about it :)

Exactly :D At least here is reason to write a weekly development report :D

You are welcome :) And thank you for the support :)