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Great news! I love this game! Graphics are amazing for a GB game!! Can’t wait!! 👍

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Yes, I saw ! Thanks for responding. I actually deleted my message on Twitter because in the conversation you mentioned my name and for various reasons I prefer to keep my account anonymous on Twitter. Could you also please delete your response on Twitter (where you mention my name)? I also noticed that a link to download had arrived in "my purchases" page on itch. However it seems to be the demo. Is there a full version of this great adventure game available or just this demo? Best regards!

Hi! Your game looks amazing, the graphics are beautiful! Unfortunately, I just bought it but received an error message! However, my PayPal account has been debited correctly. I've reached out to but wanted to inform you as well!

great project !

GREAT game for the ZX81 !

Amazing ! I love this game ! 👍

GREAT GAME ! One of my favs for the ZX Spectrum !

j’adore ce jeu ! Vivement une version plus étoffée ! 

Tout en français ! Ça c’est génial ! 👍 En revanche, petit erratum : « coordonnées » avec « ées » 😉 !

Excellent jeu. On ne se lasse pas de ce casse-tête à la difficulté croissante. En revanche, le fichier SD ne marche pas sur mon MO5 contrairement à celui fait par Daniel Coulom que j’ai téléchargé sur le forum system.cfg ! Un regret aussi : sur Thomson, la chose la plus originale et qui participe à la nostalgie de cette époque bénie, c’était l’usage du français sans foutu complexe. « Niveau », « vie », « partie terminée » etc… allez cher Baptiste, une petite version 100% française 🙏 ? 😉

another great source of inspiration for ports / conversions to zx81 : the Arduboy’s games ! What do you think about it ?

Many thanks for your answer ! I hope this idea will come reality some day !! 🙂

Great version of a great game !! Do you know another good Pico-8 game that is called « War of the Map » ? It’s a little but cool wargame that could be ported on ZX81 I think ! A work for Bob’s Stuff !!!

War of the Map