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Will you make a Jonah romancing route? (Please, say YES!!)

You're doing an excellent job! (in particular, I like Jonah and... his bulge!)

Easter Egg found! Ylvis - What does the fox say?

I was thanking the developers for the game. None of them answered, although they did in other threads. I implied it was impolite to ignore someone. Then you came -swearing too!- with your arrogant post, trying to humiliate me. Well, thanks for sharing your opinion, although I'll discard it like a used tissue.

It's a matter of good manners, that's all.

As you can see, this quarantine is almost driving me mad.  Anyway, it's all right now. The most important thing is that you played the original, so you can enjoy the differences in this remake.

Thank you so much for the infos! 

(This is just an example on how to reply properly, at least for someone who knows good manners.)

Wow, thank you for your kind words! It's a pleasure to know you really liked our game! 

(This is just an example on how to reply properly, at least for someone who knows good manners.)

Hi, fd_caro Seems like you know about Tokyo Afterschool Summoners! 

This is so unfair...


The differences, between the original and this remake, are: 1. Protagonist is a faceless human, 2. Character design is obviously different (and I honestly prefer the original one, but I easily overlook that because ), 3. the script is better in this remake.

Also, if you want to play Morenatsu, follow this link ( ) and create an account on


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Hello devs!

I read about Homecoming on u18chan and so I decided to play it. I never played the original Morenatsu, although I watched some playthroughs on YouTube. 

I totally disagree with the harsh comments about your project: I chose Juuichi route and it was very heartwarming! My favourite moment is the night between 4th and 5th august, when [spoiler]  Hiro is being carried by Juuichi  [spoiler] and the song called #Selector is playing: it never happened a thing like this in my life, however it felt so nostalgic I cried a bit (I really mean it). 

The only flaw I found is in the characters design choice: I would have liked something closer to the OG, with a (bit) beefier version of Juuichi, Tatsuki and Torahiko especially. Also, I prefer a human MC -not faceless, like in Morenatsu-... but that's because I find humanXfurry more arousing, so nevermind me.

Anyway, this is just my opinion, but I still wanted to let you know, especially about what I felt thanks to you. So please, keep on working on the game and give a hug on my behalf to those who programmed the aforementioned event. 




Yes, it's finally here!!

Well, I would't mind to fuck Cato! 

Also, if you take a good look at Dave's dick, you'll see how similar it is to the one in the glory hole scene! ; )

Seems like someone played Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Please, make Axel and Hakan bangable!!

I had to ask because, in Europe, the rating system is called PEGI. Thanks anyway.

Hi! I bought and enjoy very much "Extracurricular activities", so I have a question about your new game: are there any... "spicy" scenes?? (if you know what I mean)

Thank you so much, both for the answer and the effort you're putting into this this game! 

P.S.: I, also, reblogged Killigan's Treasure via Tumblr. I have only 63 followers, but I hope they will promote your game even more!

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I'm SOOOO into this game! I really look forward to the next update!

EDIT: I just finished my 2nd run and I have 2 question: 

1) there will be more possible partners in the future?

2) any sex scenes?