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Why We Can Only Paint The Town Red

It Could Be Paint The Town Green :V

(xD Jk Loved The Game 100/100)

I'm Not The Developer But Its Only Singleplayer For Now :/

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I Have Some Ideas For The Game(BIG TEXT AHEAD):

An Class System That We Could Select Edit And Play As Assault,Medic etc

More Vehicle Types Military cars,more choppers,jets etc

An Option To Make An Squad with an determined number of bots(or players)

Multiplayer (the most requested lol)

Types Of Helis that have miniguns etc

KillRewards( Uav 3 kills,nuke 20 kills etc) (not sure if you want that :/)

Mechas ._. (why not :3?)

Moar Explosions (i need more pls O_O)

New Guns (of course)

Player Customization (Hats,Gas Masks,clothes etc)

When You Are Taking A Flag And Its 50% Bots Just Spawn On It And Take It Back Making Impossible to Capture The Flag,you should remove the spawn when the flag is 35% or 50% Captured

Level Up System (online) (to unlock guns etc)

Mobile Compability (maybe on 1 year?)

MODS o_o


Thanks For Reading :D If You Like One Of Those Ideas Please Add It :3

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This Is Great! Now I Can See My Favorite Games...On Desktop :D

99/100 needs moar poanes and moar exprusiuns

(Forced Errors ^)

(^ sascarm)