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Very reminiscent of Okami or Wonderful 101 and it is pretty solid. Great work.

Fun but very unfair in my opinion.

concept is solid. I personally just didn't like how melee attacks were somewhat worthless near the end. The enemies can begin attacking even from outside the viewable area leading to unreasonable deaths and being kinda confused by the leveling system. Lot of potential that I would like to see improved on.

interesting twist on the classic format. Despite ending on a "fatal error" great time.

Fun little experience. Great work!

Great game! Visuals and gameplay/concept is on point. Really do hope this become a big game on steam.

great concept but my brain is definitely too small to get through it. Great work

This seems like a great game if only I was actually good at it. Great work for creating a great sense of challenge. The music, sound design, gameplay, story and visuals are all really compelling. Can't wait to see more!

music was great although I felt it was somewhat unclear on how the stars moved although given it wasn't much of a challenge didn't pose to be a big problem. Great for a first work and am interested where y'all go in the future.

Seems like a really fun concept if you can get into it..I however am probably not the demographic which is unfortunate given the great art.

It was a little challenging to find the gamefile since it wasn't recognized by but I can say this was a very challenging but very good game.

Amazing work as always!

Pretty great game honestly. I do wish I could play it on a larger display than the small box that you get when downloading it from itch.

There is a lot of potential in this type of game. I did have a few issues with my time probably due to my device I am running it on. It initially had a terrible frame rate due to the use of high quality graphics. Mix a poor frame rate with precision platforming (which for me didn't really work correctly because of the momentum) and it made it difficult for me to enjoy. I really do hope this project goes places since I would love to play it in the best way I could but right now I think it needs some adjustments for users who lack high power machines. Even providing some documentation about minimum specs for the game or even for different "performance" modes would greatly help.

This game left me wanting more but at the same time not. It is a very detailed and very "disgusting" world but it works. Somewhat unclear as to the goal when I began but it did grow on me a bit. I do wish there was more to do and to hopefully have a version of the game that can run easier on weaker hardware. Besides those minor gripes, looking forward to what you have to offer next.

I am currently trying to play this game but it won't open in full screen no matter how I mess with the settings. Any tips or tricks?

Pretty fun game overall. I kinda wished this was expanded upon but visuals and feel were great. Great job!

Honestly a great game overall! Sometimes can feel too hard with projectiles but this is definitely worth a try

Very fun game. I find it a bit too challenging for my liking but I do see a potentially really good project right here. I understand that the game is on hold but I would love to see more especially in regards to maybe decreasing the difficulty but that is just me. Great work!

Fun Game that really keeps the player on their toes. The game's page is very clear as to your instructions but having that built into a game menu would be very helpful. In any case, overall had a bit of fun with it and definitely worth a shot!

Very challenging but rewarding. Music and Graphics are great. I really hope this turns into a big release at some point since the quality is quite clearly there.

It was a bit difficult to run (I had to find the files deep in my file explorer). However once I got it running, it was a pretty fun and unique concept. I am by no means good at this but I can see this definitely being something that many players might enjoy. Definitely something that I could see people sinking a lot of time into. Great work!

Short and sweet. Absolutely a great time for the duration of the short playtime. I could easily see more levels or challenge modes being added to this (or heck this being adapted so it can be played like a GBC game (since it really gives off that vibe). Great work and can't wait to see more stuff for you!

Great game! I love the style but I really suck at this lol. The only suggestion I can give is maybe adding in a hint feature for people who are bad at puzzles like me. In any case, can't wait to see more games from you!

For sure, I really enjoy GB style music so I gotta say, I am digging it!

pretty interesting concept. There is a great deal of potential but I do think with a little bit of polish (like the ability to easily identify which piece you are manipulating and having in game music) this could be a great GB-styled title.

I mean any additional content would most certainly be welcome for sure. I do hope I get to see more of these stylized projects in the future! Can't wait for more!

I would like to try this game out but without any in game text, ability to adjust screen size and get the ability to open chests/talk to people, I can't enjoy this. Hopefully something can be done to improve this experience but I don't have much hope if the creator has abandoned this project. 

Overall really great experience. I am generally not super into this genre but once I got a grasp of the controls here, I had an absolute blast. Definitely a bit challenging (and ngl a bit unfair for parries) but I could totally see more for a game like this. Amazing work and can't wait to see more!

Pretty fun overall experience. I do think with a little bit of polish, you could easily build this into a full on game (I think adding in elements like Ape Escape so you have to beat the devils before you catch them). I do hope this project becomes fully realized as there is a lot of potential. Great work!

Great game! Atmosphere, movement, moment-to-moment gameplay and overall design are absolutely great. Can't wait to hear more about this project since I want to play more!

great game! I hope to see more from this project but given how difficult I find some of this game, I probably won't finish this demo for a while. 

Can't wait to try whatever comes out next!

The game blew me away. Honestly hope for the best for this project and can't wait to see more!

Fun experience. There is definitely a lot that could be built upon this game/concept. My one gripe is that jumping could be a bit better and geometry (especially around the top of the tree) could be improved since I found movement a bit rough at times.

The game is really fun (outside of a glitch which occurs to me every time I make it to zone 4 where I blow up at random)

I really enjoyed this game. Short and sweet. Can't wait to see more games in the future!

Finally got the install to work (thanks for messing up the file locations). I honestly really enjoyed this game. Controls felt great, weapons felt solid especially given the challenges. I wish enemies dropped health or items but given a lot of this game felt like you needed to use your items sparingly, it worked well. Can't wait to see more!