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i love the cusomizabilizy!

i never thought id have a woman tell me im a man of culture for saying i like ass.

this game actually made me laugh super hard on multiple occasions, its nice to have that comedic touch in a porn game.

how do i scroll down??

i love the word filter, its interesting and made me laugh.

i keep getting stuck in a loop with the nurse, i just want to heal my oppaimon--

i realize that working on a game is hard, but in the future maybe a choice to have sex with male npcs as a male, or a sexuality choice, to be bi or straight?

you have to get 510-530 sxp

the binder part caught me by suprise-- :)

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the nurse is such a cutie!!! ahhh!!!

Update: i got his ending and am now crying. lovely story, but m sad :(

i cant get into the guest room

you have to click the letter on the desk

y e s i have succeeded.

babies. they are all babies. i am claiming them as me children. you can own the designs but i birthed these beans clearly. clearly they are baby. all of them. b a b y. UwU (jokes aside i love your art, and this game, so muchhhhhh)

"run the gay date" ah, yes, thank you. i had though this game may have been straight, i was worried for a second.

so innocent


preach it

this is actually wonderful! the ending was very well put. kinda ominous, but it gets to people.

how do you get the launchpad?

it was indeed funsturbing, :´) i actually enjoyed it alot, despite the anxiety!

¨fortnight is fun¨

best quote

this gave me anxiety while playing w h yyyy

How did you get the hair and horns like that?

oml yes

I can't wait to see what this turns into!

They Did Surgery On a Grape