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Epic Art style but it's a little bit hard tho

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This game is soo cute, the spinning turtles are the best :3

Actually for first time, I smashed my self all of the time into the wall :D

That's why I tried to bring the vision a little bit up. But I'm really happy that you enjoyed the car mechanic. You made my day :)

First I thought my game not going to be that good to enjoy, but now I'm really happy :)

Thanks you for your opinion :D

I put most of my efforts in the car mechanic, It's so good to hear, you had fun.

You made my day :)

I'm happy for hearing that. You made my day :)

I just updated the information about the game. Now I described the game better, and maybe I will add some explosions in the menu too.

Thanks the advice, I really appreciate it. :)

Thank you!

In the making I was a little bit lost in Unity, so this game was a little bit all over.

I'm so happy you found something cute :)

Wow just, wow.

Well I felt like I've got a full fledged game experience.
You made an awesome game with multiple mechanisms and even upgrading capabilities.

The dream game under 72 Hours.

I liked the idea of building a tower and making it on time.

Maybe it will help the game if you put some UI showing the progress and the time.

Well, It was something, I had fun playing an upside down breakout type a game, maybe a restart option would of be nice.

But overall I had fun playing it.

This was a really interesting experience, I liked the moving mechanism , because it was really snappy, also the shooting was a really out of the box experience, I really liked it.

The UI graphics wise is awesome, It has a theme and all and all really interesting, I felt a little bit the hitman series, when I looked at the design, I loved it.

As I Played the game, the atmosphere sucked me in. It was so good the game mechanics are simple to learn, and keeps changing a slight way and this makes it really good in my case.

Music wise I'm blown away, I got that chill bass, and that gentle lead, I had the best time with chilling in this game.

I loved it keep it up :)

You made a really cool game. I really like the mechanics of the climbing, and you even made it difficult to just stay in the middle. Also the graphics are phenomena, I love the glowing effects.

I had a little problem playing the game, maybe I'm bad, but My distance was a negative number. I saw that a little bit weird,  but other than that I love your game you, did a great job.

I really liked your game, the idea of the mirrors and the two characters are really unique.

I ran into some rocks that are maybe should be cracked floors, but other than that I really liked it :)

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Thank you very much, the feedback :)

I will try to find something out, to implement some slight marks that can be recognize to find a way around.

Next Update will have it.

Thank you very much. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the game :)

I will surely submit my little game to the competition, thanks for the information :)

Thank you for responding, I'm fixing the bug right now. :)

Cool idea, I like the art style and the animations are on point, fun to play with friends :)

It's cool, I liked the Idea of switching, the characters.

Short a little bit, and trippy, and the graphics are really great, I like it :)

A little bit too hard, but the characters and the animations are really cool :)

Easy, fun and interesting party game, you can yell at your friends to what to do, I like this Idea :)

Simple, but interesting concept that you can't jump, it makes it challenging to power trough the game, I like it :)

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Simple, but a really powerful game. I love the controls and the concept of moving two characters as a puzzle. :)

Wow guys, It's really cool, the art was beautiful, and the music was melodic and pleasant. You guys did a great job.

I like the game, the interactions are really fluid, the story is like the real game :)