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I thought so much that this was a Gamemode mod for Gmod or made on source in some way when ever I saw it, like, holy cow you nearly perfectly replicated that source feel.

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EDIT: Ok, I gave this an actual play and I have two things to say.
1) this is heccin very cute and pretty well made.
2) I can so see this having speedruns. lol

Post Statement: My first run I somehow dropped my spoon out of the world right before I finished, I have literally altered reality with my spoon techniques.

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I always find these kinds of dynamics so fascinating, one in which you have someone who is extremely hostile towards the person, usually in the way as being an enemy, bully, or something else, but the other person starts to come on to them and makes them question their ways.

Also, the funny dialogue when you make a joke or come onto him in certain ways is hilarious and would love to see more if you decide to take this further. (Spoilers ahead if you view rest)

Honestly, if you ever make an "extra'er" edition it'd be fun to see a (Spoilers warning since there's no spoiler mark on Itchio) double quench ending where you as the character admit to actually having feelings for Jacob or something along those lines. (The edit was me moving this below the prior paragraph to hide the spoilers.)

I would also suggest more like maybe attempting using Unity and a 2.5D style to further extend that, but as someone who is trying to take the leap to 3D I know that'd be a tall order, especially if you are used to doing things with text in Python, which was what my last game was done in. lol

Anywho, yee, very good game, played it with my BF reading dialogue and twas a fascinating one.

Been binge-playing this game and I gotta say this is a really well made game. I was, at first, hooked in by the lewdality of it, but the gameplay was fun and interesting enough to keep me playing, well done!

Gotta say, Kobold lass is by far my fav

Oh goodness, thicc MC wolf. lol

I love the random cat dood in the cover art. lol

Horro plus Porn? Intriguing. Definitely would hit on that sorta sense of thrill that horror usually insights into sexual content. Quite a curious one.

It was a bit to get at first, but if you go by rough changes instead of setting it to exact values or exact value increases (I.E. Start at 0% and apply liberal use of the "Increased by unknown value" option) you can eventually find it. It can be a bit particular though due to the address value won't Always be the same as what is displayed, but ya' know, it works. lol

Funny thing is when you find the values for how many are in and just make it crazy high and let go of the freeze on the Climax values and just watch the lag-spike of thousands of worms squirt out. lol

It's like a bloody confetti cannon. XD

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My mans bloody did it, they bloody Sent It on "69" being the cost. XD

"6.99" Hah, Nice. 

Indubitably so. I've seen so many NSFW and Kink games which have pretty much Zero player agency so it's nice to see some. 

I would say that you just gotta get Cheat Engine, but the site for it is too sus right now to grab it IMO. lol

I get that. lol

Booping Intensifies

I may or may not have just used Cheat Engine to freeze the climax meter and just started putting many worms in. Ngl, Clever call making it so the size can increase further beyond the point where the character should technically be at 100% climax. A very intriguing and fun little game.

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Quite an intriguing game you have here, Can't wait to see what you do with it. Ngl, I'd find it interesting if you could just not pull out at that first scene and see what happens. lol. Good luck with further development! I shall keep watch with a curious gaze.

EDIT: Uh, I reread my comment and realized I kinda made it unclear what I meant, when I was talking about "If you could just not pull out" I meant like leaving your schlong in after the buggley boo already went in, like an option to "Ride it out" or "Stay in" 

Quite a nice game; well made, no bugs, lovely pixel art and UI, but the story did kinda R/wooosh me, hah. Well, I understood it, but rather it kinda didn't feel like it fit well for me. I won't say exactly why for sake of spoilers, but the big moment just completely missed me, but granted I don't think I was the target audience for this being that I usually make games and art rather than buying or finding them likewise I am usually big fan of, well, having my own agency with things. All in all, I will say the movement could go for a click & hold, but aside from that ya' made quite a nice game here, Mate. Well done.