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Great fun! I like the overall idea, but the dang rats are OP!

I'm not saying it's aliens, but it's aliens. Very spooky experience! I'm interested to see how the full game looks :) 

Another day, another video made. 
Still a bit upset I didn't get to see the dog 

A truly delightful world of color and quirk. Plus I'm a fan of big hats

"His face is a time?!" Needless to say, I was taken off guard. Interesting and fun game :) 

Very spooky. I never even found out what was for lunch that day

Delightfully spooky. I think I said it best with "That scream? That was genuine"

Kinda sus ngl. Would amog again

This is a fantastic little game. I'm looking forward to the updates! 
Though I think Nainai would be disappointed in my cooking if she saw what was really going on...

I always wondered what spider life was truly like.
Too stressful for me. I'll stick to being a Wolf

This was a really enjoyable little game, though I didn't seem to get the boards to work. I think I made good use of them in my own way 

Spectacular game, and I love the good cause. I am the good boy.
11/10 would wag tail again 

They never suspected a thing. Great little game, and I think I'll keep the new look

It definitely takes some getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, I truly enjoyed this game. And I would've beaten it too, if not for these pesky paws
10/10 good stuff :)

Cute little demo! Though I unintentionally polluted the river, my heart and intentions were pure. Rip lil Tobi 

What a strange experience. I relate to the peeing on stuff though, so 10/10 good game 

What a spooky experience, 10/10 

The lamb sauce overfloweth

I assumed a bit had been lost in translation, but with the abstract nature of the game, I could hardly tell.
I really enjoyed it, and I plan to play more soon :)

My brain hurts.
That's normal though and unrelated.
Pretty neat experience, if you can call it that 

Oh okay, I'll give it a shot on another browser when I get the chance. Thanks!

I'm using Windows 10. When I launch the game, I get an error at the top saying 
"wasm instantiation failed! CompileError: WebAssembly.instantiate(): Wasm code generation disallowed by embedder"

Didn't work for me, might be worth looking into

Hehe, chonky bears :) 

I can't look away... I... I have to play it! 

What a delightful little experience. I love all things strange and abstract, and I feel this game perfectly satisfied that itch. 

Very spooky little experience. I realized I was supposed to go upstairs, but I didn't get the chance to before Satan showed up. Loved it!
Mold Exorcist at 8:18

Try as I might, there is no containing the thiccness of Jo

Despite my frustrations and fears, I had fun with this short horror experience 

Always love your games, looking forward to new ones :)

First I steal their coffee pot, then I steal their hearts
I enjoyed this quite a bit! Looking forward to the release

Mama... that kills people Mama!
Cute little horror game, I enjoyed it