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I got stuck in the room before the basement trying to get ending b 

whenever i try to buy a second new rock it takes my money but the rock stays the same

footsteps got me 

May Quandale Dingle have mercy on us

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I was disapointed 

apophis is the egyptian god of chaos and is a snake.

If there is no snake or chaos I will be very disapointed.

And he better be battling Ra the egyptian god of order or Ma'at.


Could be beneficial to touch base IRL?

Best wishes,

Ms Choksondik

password. Southpark

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i killed the kitchen guy by not letting him in so i had to buy the kitchen blueprints

nevermind i used the shotgun and ran 

how do you kill the dragon?

do you not have to lose a single heart to get the good ending

why was there a giant person

I took an arrow to the knee, somehow it got into my head.

same it's kinda weir

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This is really hard but fun 8/10