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maybe just an option that allows personal adjustment to the look rotation/speed. should work.

awesome game! mouse sensitivity was a bit high though.

was just about to ask about that myself

Well done. was not expecting the ending and nice effect with the screen shrinking.

nice work. there was one issue with the zoom in function. not sure what triggered it but i was in the bedroom around the desk and zoomed in to look at things on the desk and the game lagged for a second then the zoom was stuck. had to play the other half of the game holding the right mouse button down to unzoom the camera. this caused part of the face to be seen after the ouija board part, (outline of the eyes and mouth) other then that nicely done game

i rarely comment on itchio. this was awesome.

thank you

where did you get the wraped hanging bodies from. been looking for something just like that for a game idea i have.

yeah thats why i went with unity instead of unreal to get started. godot has a steep learning curve i feel

Unity. most of the game assets i own, which i've mainly got from humble bundle, has been for unity and some for unreal but mostly untiy so i stuck with that over unreal. maybe one day i'll take some time with unreal. there is currently a fantasy pack with assets  a 500 unity course for $25 on there right now and another bundle of FPS assets with other stuff for another $25. i try to get this stuff when its on sale to eventually hopefully use down the road.

awesome game!

its cool. i just think its awesome you took my suggestion. keep up the good work.I'm currently learning Game Dev myself and know this stuff takes some work

cool you can change the name but it doesn't really make sense as there isn't a thing to escape from. i suggested "ting" because of the audio but still cool that you took my suggestion. 

the name should be "what is that ting" or "escape the ting" the corrider was a bit long though. good job on atmosphere.

thank you

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game keeps reloading to menu. can't play

game of the year!!

thank you for you prompt response. will recommend your assets!

is your assets and scripts safe to use for commercial use?

neat game

i can't seem to find chapter 2