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Played the game and it was fun! I gotta say there were some grammatical errors in some notes (1 only I think) but overall it was great! Tho the jumpscares are easily predictable (every time you read a note) ... that's all I have to say and cant wait for the full game!

Here's my vid if you wanna know what I meant by the errors: 

I know its late but I made a vid on it! Finished the game and on my opinion it wasn't that scary but it was ok, wish the monster (dead cook) chases you faster or add other mechanics but again its ok!

For a little child to scare me makes the game so great and fun to play! Tho I didn't escape (cause me scared boi) I posted it on a video! Can be found at 7:01

Played the chapter 2 which is in my brand new video! At 0:07.  Will play more chapters soon!

The game was really fun to play! It's in my 3 horror games video!! 12:26

Cool game even tho it was short 

Made a video!

Made a vid about it!