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Does this have support for Texas Instruments TI-99 4A?

Sounds like you're having fun! Thanks for playing an I may add updates in the future!

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Hello! Thank you very much for the feedback! The launcher is basically another html web page. When the launch game button is clicked, it launches the web emulator. And yes a lot of aspects of the game are inspired by Oneshot! You can create a web version of the game by exporting to web in gb studio.

I'll also edit the phrasing of the launcher. It's pretty obvious what the player has to do but just in case.

I did not know about the cursor still moving after pressing the A button on the title screen and i'll be sure to get that fixed.

The battle transitions in the later part of the game is broken because i had a plugin that wasn't working correctly. But i'll try to add it back in because i contacted the developer of the plugin and i think he's fixed it now. About the random  encounters... they're not random. They're actors that hide themselves after being defeated. It's still being worked on but will be fixed hopefully in the next build. Also the graphics for that location are placeholder graphics and will be replaced with trees. 

I will also make the battle theme play during the later battles. I had not implemented it yet.

The health displayed in the window is actually in percentage. And the stop sign battle has a lot of health on purpose. It's like that so that the player can get a feel for the controls and once they do, they are able to progress onward. There's no EXP system. It's all about your real life ability to play the game. I might consider making it easier though. 

I like your idea of a dodge button. I think it would be interesting to bind it to the select button so that it's kind of hard to get to so that you're not abusing it and only use it in emergencies.

The enemy AI for the stop sign is very simple on purpose. I might slow down the movement though to make it a bit easier. The AI will change. Also, right after the prototype ends, there's supposed to be a boss battle. It will be more interesting with the enemy being able to dodge, charge, and the player being able to use SP Attacks (magic).

The screen transitions are fixed now in the latest version as well as the dialog speed. They are a bit longer during cutscenes though on purpose to give it more feeling. I might add a skip slow dialogue button though. The prototype version is only about 1/10 of the entire game. I'm aiming for at least 4 hours of gameplay. 

At one point I did use the name tag plugin for my dialogue but it was too glitchy. I might contact the developer of the plugin to see if they can fix it.

I might implement a keep listening option when the lore dialogue is optional but for dialogue that is required in cutscenes I might just paraphrase it to make it smaller.

And i will also try to make a falling effect when the player goes down into the waterway. I'm afraid it might look a little too plain but it might be possible with a platformer scene.

And it might take a little programming knowledge but I figured out how to compile for windows through this guide on GB Studio Central.

Thank you very much for all your feedback! I will keep updating the developer site and if you want you can go back to check the progress!
I will also update the demo soon with all the features of the prototype but with shorter gameplay. I really appreciate all your help! And if you have questions, feel free to ask away!

- The Walking Taco