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The Velox

A member registered Oct 30, 2017

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Such Spooper, :0

This is what it feels like to have all the walls come crashing down on you.... Monika Whyyyy???

I pooped a little

Come experience the pain with me. Oof!

Quality Game. #Hotdoglyfe #Heytherebeautifulpeople ;3 <3

When it starts to get weird. I hurt on the inside.

Needs more ~*desu*~

Heya, I keep running into a bug about the time I start receiving honey. My paw freezes, but the timer doesn't. It makes it to where I can't complete the trade. Even if I go to other npcs it still breaks. I can leave the trade but when I bring another up it freezes again. Eventually the entire game froze. Also the "Press Q to leave only works about 50% of the time for me. I'd really like to see more of the game! Thanks!