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Хочется ответить про пару вещей. Бой здесь вообще не шестом плане, поэтому он здесь умер/не умер

Про секрет “я хочу денег заработать” это как раз анти секрет, типа секрет этого персонажа в том что он нормальный, а не какой-то странный.

Про дикую кость, это осталось из более старых правил которые были на OpenD6, ибо мне нравится механика.

Спасибо, что сказал про секреты, ибо я их писать ещё не умею, ибо я не пишу сюжеты.

А вот про “чем закончиться” специально оставалось на игроков и ведущего ибо карточки секретов для вдохновения к сюжету.

Топово, обязательно напишу модуль для этой игры.

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after skeeming this one, it is one of the more polished, mechanically, it has potential repliability, more mechanics per page then other games (excluding mine of course), comparing to other physical games it has one of the least fluff, which is good since mechanical part makes up for it.

The only complain is in terms of visuals, they are servisable at best, and I think regular B/W or flat shaded illustrations would fit better than traced (photos?) in pdf’s they feel messy, unlike other parts of the game including layout and font choice.

A very solid game, great job!

I’m thinking of redoing or even remaking some parts of this game perhaps in Sharp Ops (Modern Spec ops game on same “Sharp engine”) or even ADVANCED Sharp Mecha. But I have have to get my other projects done, hope my game would be fun.

Aaand yeah, about combat, in Mech Jam discord I once said about how it is a pbta combat, which means, narrative combat, perhaps Commander Sheet V2 would be needed in the future.

Thank you for the review!

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Small yet bulky. This is my initial reaction to this book, some parts I personally would change or homerule into more slick or simplified game, some assets doesn’t really feel right in basically a dark mode pdf, playing as not so good guys is a great idea, yet after finishing my game, seeing command and GM separate is little bit confusing, but it is just me, there are some room for improvement, and yet it is not bad, might playtest down the line

I’m not found of solo games, and this one unfortunately not an exception, this game is all about drawing having the bulkiest mech out there, where even when you won you get damage, perhaps I would add a critical success where you don’t take damage, but I guess for a small game which only gameplay is to go as much high score as you can is something just not for me, and that is okay, great job

It looks like that touhou rpg fighting system, but made into a standalone rpg, might be good for few plays, but I don’t see any further expansions without changing the core