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Ok, actually I only had to change the title image dpi to 150 and now all the images show up fine, even from mods. Guess the satanic ritual worked.....

Ok, interesting... if I edit the dpi of the pictures to 150, they show up fine.... ok that will work for me .

I've tried a number of different color management settings, the monitor OSD, and everything I can think of, it's actually an older Dell square monitor that I am using temporarily (stupid cat shorted out TWO wide-screens in one week marking them as territory) and I'm sure it will be fine once I go back to a normal display. Might try switching cables around, but good enough to know it's something unusual ... maybe a satanic ritual is called for.... anyways, love the game, and thanks for the reply!

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I have had the game on Steam for 18 months or so, I fired it up again yesterday and for some reason, all the graphics are in 256 colors.  How to fix this? Using an Nvidia GeForce 1060.