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Nice little game. Interesting story, chill OST, and I really enjoy the core gameplay! There are issues I have with the game though, such as:

- It's really easy to abuse physics to walk in the air a lot of the time, which can save you from dying, which makes the game a bit too easy.

- Imo there's really no need for a cutscene at the very first checkpoint.

- I really wish there was actual combat, rather than just running circles around the enemies.

- Camera turns WAY too slow on controller, would appreciate if this was fixed.

Overall though, pretty decent. Looking forward to future updates!

How is there no comments yet!?

Just finished this game, and it was SO beautiful! PLEASE make this a full sized game! There's SO much potential here ;~;

Gearboy community · Created a new topic Gearboy Review

Ok, so, I just finished this game for the first time and really have the urge to post a quick review about it. 

First off I just gotta say... OMG WHAT A HIDDEN GEM!! <3

Very tight and responsive controls, clever level design which makes you use your brain, linear looking levels that are actually more open than you think, really interesting concept, and great OST!

Downsides though include:

- The typical kinda physics you see on 3D platformers generally, aka when you jump into a wall and get stuck kinda physics. Again, yes, the controls are really good which makes this less frustrating than it could be, but still.

- Random white flashes when walking after hitting a switch or whatever is pretty annoying, as it just feels irrelevant and out of place (only in level 2 I believe) (hopefully you'll get what I mean).

- Kinda wish the hubworld had a little more importance, but I digress.

- Kinda wish level 3 and the final boss had a bit more going for it...

- The epilogue/the part after the final boss does not make it obvious that there's a moving platform that takes you to the ending(s). I was running around for about 20 minutes or so trying to figure out what to do.

Regardless though, great game! Highly recommend you give it a go if you're reading this!

This concept is amazing! Shame this was really short. Any idea on when the full release will be? Super interested!

Just played this game and I'm absolutely at a loss for words at how beautiful it is! Never thought it'd be possible to top my favourite art style in a video game (previously some hidden PS3 gem, I won't say the name), but this game proved me wrong! Like seriously, I could use any frame from this game as my desktop background for months.

Just a shame that the game resets after hitting one side of the map, and that the map is so small; there's SO much potential here! D:

Also imagine this in VR... OMG...

Keep up the awesome work guys! Hope to see more like this in the future!!