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I have a question. Why can't you just make a normal android version instead of us having to use joiplay?

When will V0.2.5 be available for free?

When will it be available on here?

What's the difference between the two android versions?

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It should have been the latest version but when I looked at it in the game settings it said it was version 1 for some reason.

Can you remove the jump to page thing for android since it always brings up my keyboard and I can't select the different save/load pages.

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I just want to say that I really love this game but I do have some suggestions which is:

●Add people into the city library like the ones at the beach 

●Add more students in the school 

●Add houses for the romaceable characters on the map who have none

●Add repeatable sexual actions/scenes for those who don't have them

●Add a variety of different sexual actions/scenes 

●Add Irina's night visit scenes

That's all I have for now so I will update if I think of anything else. 

I think you should uncancel this game sometime in the future since from the pictures it looks like a great game. If you ever do decide to uncancel it could you make it for android as well?

Can you add a completed quest tab in the quest menu and a dialogue history button?

Could you add a dialogue history button in the game?

What does the choice cortes mean when you are trying to convince the queen?

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When Stella says did you mesmerise all of it and you choose no I get a error that says an exception has occurred. Could you fix it? I am on android by the way.


How do you download the android version?

Will the public version be released in 2 weeks like it says on patreon?

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Is the game going to be updated today? In the most recent progress sneak peek it says thursday at the latest which is today.

When will you add more content for Isabel and Maeve?

Will there ever be a story mode to this game?

1) Add a rollback button

2) Add swipe gestures for android 

3) Allow us to open the menu at any time

How do you increase the girls relationship levels? I am stuck at 100% affection.

Does it matter which choices you choose with the girls and if so can you add a affection counter for them?

How do I get 4 corruption for her?

Why do I keep failing Alexis's corruption check when I say her breasts are perfect? I have 3 corruption for her.

I'm playing the android version and I come across frequent dialogue delays.  Could you see if you can fix it?

The android  version needs work since when you open the gallery you can't close it at all so your stuck on the screen. It's the same when you first collect one of the hidden things.

I've download the android version and I don't like the moving of the game when you tilt your device. The arousal meter is also missing. 

Sounds great. The description and the pictures of the game makies it seem interesting so I would love to play it.

I trid installing the game on my Galaxy Tab S7 but it says App not installed as package appears to be invalid. 

No not yet but I did play a bit of chapter 1 when it first came out. I thought both the characters and story are well made so I am really looking forward to it.

I understand why everything is unlocked now. It's because it has the walkthrough and cheats installed directly into it. I apologise for the confusion and I like the way you did the game. I am enjoying it so far as well.

I'm not sure about the other platforms but for android the otter hunts and the replay gallery is unlocked.

Guess it doesn't really matter. I just think having only one version of the game is more convenient since in the future having more than one version could become confusing for some people but it's up to you.

What's the point in actually finding the otter hunts when they are already unlocked from the beginning? Might want to fix that.

Since chapter 2 has chapter 1 as well, can't you remove the separate chapter 1 version? 

When's the next update?

Can you add a hide text function for android?