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Thanks a lot! I wanted to do something a bit different than the typical city health - this way once one virus gets past your days are numbered and more viruses makes that reduce quicker.

Completely agree about the balance. I focused some time on that first turret but need to go through and balance things a lot better. Perhaps different costs for different positions and more variation in the environment so the view is different for each one (what I was going for with the raised turrets in each quadrant).

It looked cool though! I still had fun with it.

Oh! Maybe the DNA is dropped and you have to jump down from the turret to run and collect it :D

I like the idea of manual reloading and nearly typed out in that reply a whole concept of jumping in and out to reload. Initially I was going to have the first person player be able to be infected and pass the infection around that way also, which is an idea I still like.

I liked the character selection and instructions, though I felt there was a lot of information thrown at you very quickly. If I hadn't seen the development of this it would have felt like information overload. Perhaps the user could have clicked to continue through each part? I loved the zombies in the town at the beggining of the instructions though!

The journal entries and map updates are excellent and I found myself really engaged with what others had written. The map was good also, although I didn't initially see where on the map was meant to be my character so marked something on the map a bit further north than intended.  Perhaps an undo button in case - like me - you manage to screw it up?

The zombies themselves didn't seem to cause much bother except I couldn't get into one area so went somewhere else. I can imagine that to fully explore someone will have to sort these out.

I didn't use the crafting (successfully) at all but I'd love to see what could be made. Future play-throughs of this would probably yield better results on the crafting front I imagine.

I love that all of these small pieces paint a bigger, more intriguing picture!

That slow motion function is really fun to use!  The intro cutscene was really well done, I agree with the comment about making the transitions between each scene/panel of the cutscene a bit quicker.

I also found when I ran around for a bit and all of the enemies chased me, I could shoot an enormous amount of them in one go as they were all in a straight line facing me. This made the game slow down a great deal whilst the particles were spawned. Could this be limited at all?

Nice job!

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I'm glad that somebody got to experience the lack of social distancing leading to things getting out of control!

When the cash was working, I had hoped that starting off with a small amount of cash would have led to players having to make more strategic about if they were going to upgrade or build a new turret somewhere else. Perhaps if I revisited this I would put a limit on how many times a turret could be upgraded, random or semi-regular increases in enemy stats as the game goes on or other limiters such as turret ammo. I toyed with the idea that the turrets would have their own ammo and the player would have to jump in and reload it manually.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I had hoped to expand a second turret type - a soap cannon - which would deal more splash (get it) damage. I get what you mean about the slots that are better. One of the comments from the mini-showcase made me think about that first turret a lot so I built up the terrain a bit more. I had hoped to put in more scenery which could be very tactically placed such as rocks, boulders, trees etc. I had also planned on having certain nodes cost more or have to be 'unlocked'.

I love the idea of forcing the break in social distancing! I'm intrigued by that so I may add that in when I revisit the game.

Thank you very much for the game jam, it has been a lot of fun!

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I love the idea of exploding ammunition. If I had more time I was going to implement a second turret - a soap cannon.

Thank you very much for the feedback! I only realised this morning I should have increased the enemy stats per 5 or 10 waves to make it more interesting. 

Thank you very much for the feedback! I was trying to get the FPS mode as a way to turn the tide if you got overwhelmed but without making it too OP. If I had more time I would have balanced this more. 

What a bizarre bug! I'll have to put in a check before it reduces the amount.

Thank you! The cash bug is interesting as it was working beforehand - I did change a few things around at the last second and must have missed it. The FPS cam definitely was spawning in the correct orientation but I must not have set it up when I put in the new turret model. Thanks a lot for the feedback!