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in automatic, your top speed is 17 kph, and if you are in manual, in 6th gear, then you can get to maybe 35 kph. slowest car i've ever seen. and the engine sounds like its dying.

Fun game, but please add the save function. Also, a way to hotkey weapons, or not have to scroll through 15 weapons to get to the claymore. Also, is there any content after boreal valley dog boss?


Is there a full playlist I can get somewhere? I love the songs and want to listen to them.

its not made by some AAA company so yes, it is.

The controls are very hard. There is such a small window to actually hit to ping pong ball that 60% of the time i should of hit it, it misses. Also its near impossible to get more than one left hit in a row. Cool idea though.

I have just past the first monthly payment, speeding through most of the days. I can't find any more content, and i can't find like ANY content with Rika or Katelyn, only the shower scenes. Also Elizabeth's forest quest wont let me accept it, it just make me say ill think about it. The only gallery scene i have not unlocked is page 1, picture 4. Where is that unlocked?

the title

This is the most beautiful story I have had the pleasure to experience. Thank you! The music, the art, the story, its all amazing. I cried my eyes out.

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I just finished this game and let me say, it was one of the most emotional games ive played. Talking to john was terrifying and the way it glitched. This game is perfect!