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I really enjoyed my time with Freebooter! I loved the atmosphere, the variety of enemies and locals, the guns, the UI, and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next! I had some issues in terms of getting lost, audio getting too loud and not being able to see my controls was something that I hope can be improved upon in the future! Perhaps these can be solved within the pause menu if you choose to include options for volume and viewable controls. I also ended up dying within the second level early on, and was softlocked, unable to respawn. Aside from those issues my experience was very fun and I'm glad to have experienced it!

Awesome work here ya'll!! I had some hiccups when it came to my recording, but I had a fantastic time playing through this game and giving my first-hand impressions! I am a terrible Keyboard player so excuse my rough gameplay but it is very addicting what you have in store for us! I would like to see more from the tutorial aspect, and something I found particularly useful was the options menu. I know that sounds weird but it's something that is useful for players and I found myself easily accessing it to raise/lower the volume. If it's possible I'd like to see the option to view controls, so that when I join back into the experience, I can easily pick up and play! Also perhaps a tutorial on the scoring would be helpful for players looking to replay and beat their highscores!