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Thank you for your detailed response! I appreciate all the work that goes into this and look forward to the updates you're working on. :)  

I had one other question that I'd forgotten about before: on Fridays, when I select to join the Dance Troupe, it will drop me at the park (as indicated in the text that describes how these events will eventually happen) and my naughty level has gone up, but there is no money from the job? I was wondering if that's a bug or if it's just not implemented yet.

I'm really enjoying this game, but I think I found a bug? In my first save (current version of the game), I was able to wear sexy tops without bras (like in the 2nd and 3rd pictures shown on this page). I restarted because I wanted to see the Simon scene and in this save, I'm not able to wear sexy tops without bras. The game tells me I need to put a bra on and puts me back in my clothing inventory. It won't let me exit out wearing just the sexy top/dress. Are we not allowed to choose to not wear bras with certain tops (or no panties, etc.)? :(  

Also, this is a minor point, but will there ever be curly or wavy hair, and the option to change breast size? Thank you so much!

I am really liking this game, but I can't even finish the first quest. :( I keep losing everything from the plant before I even get to Mabel. How do you complete it? I am holding the spacebar to clench, but it still dribbles out so fast...

For low strength character (role-playing), how do you get Sammy to help take down the guards? I got the guard schedules from her, but I can't find an option to ask her to help me fight them? Thanks!

Will there be more nipple play for LD in the future (receiving end)? Including when lactating/pregnant? So far, no NPC notices when LD is lactating, and neither do random encounters outside the milk farm (like the succubus teacher class scene or grave hands, etc.). I don't know how to describe it, but it makes pregnancy/lactation feel isolated? No one tries to "drink" LD. xD 

Also, will it be possible in the future to config subbe or domme preferences so that random encounters or NPC encounters will prioritize your preference? Like, if LD is training Gin, is it possible to train him to be domme? Trying to role-play a subbe, and most female NPCs have subbe/domme options for scenes, but Gin is only subbe.

Oh, she finally showed up to arrest me! xD What a scene! Whoa. I guess I just wasn't going around to enough places and being naughty enough.

I'm sorry to bother you again! I was curious about Arlene (she's my favorite!): how we can become her subbe, and do we have to choose between her and Fawn or can we do both? Also, does her route require you to have a cock? She didn't seem to notice my characters without a cock when they're naughty in public spaces. Or maybe I wasn't naughty often enough? xD

That worked, thank you! :)

Thanks! About Cassie, I had two different characters who asked for help from Arlene (and the slum people), Fawn, Lin Lin, and Sammy, but I still needed a str and nim check when I went in to get Cassie out. 12 wasn't high enough, and at 14/15, I still had a low percentage for it to work. (Entering and exiting the building is where the check appeared.) Was that a bug, maybe? 

I don't know how much coding is involved, so I don't mean to ask for a lot of trouble or work! It would just be nice if, in some future update, we had multiple paths for it. I only mention it since Fawn brings it up, so it seems like it might be possible, but then those options are never actually possible. (I was hoping for some kind of cool seduce-the-Don scenario for the player character, kind of like the bad end scenario but with Cassie freed and it's just the player who has to work their way to freedom again. Maybe with diplomacy, or maybe like the military base escape? I dunno.)

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Is it a bug or is it intentional that you cannot "run away" during combat once you have used the black underwear from Marin? That has happened to a couple of my characters now. Even with full stamina, low lust, etc., the option to run away is permanently grayed out. This remains even when I remove the underwear, even when I don't have it in my inventory. I don't know if it's connected, but it's the only thing I can think of...? (If it's connected, it's kind of cool that there are hidden costs to certain decisions, but I was wondering if it's supposed to happen or if I've encountered a bug. Thank you!)  

Also (I'm sorry for this long post), will it be possible to save Cassie from the don using other options, like the ones Fawn mentions during the talk? (Seducing him and replacing Cassie with yourself, etc., like if your erotic level is high?) With the new option to lock some stats from gaining exp, I wonder if there will be alternate ways to proceed some quests, for role-playing purposes. Right now, you seem to need very high strength and nimbleness to rescue Cassie (and good rng).

Is it possible to change body type (to access this shop area) if you've gotten the black underwear from Marin, instead? I can't get the shopkeeper to give me dialogue about the room. Thank you!

When Bernard gives you the "more potions" quest, you get the recipe. You still have to "study" it at home before you craft it. Then, you might have to craft it several times before it is mastered.

Thank you for your reply!

Question: why do you get experience if you choose "assplay" but not if you choose "jerk off"? I feel like the MC should only get experience from other interactions, not from stuff he does to himself...

Is it possible to change the MC's genitals? (I'm sorry for asking such a direct question.) Anyway, I am loving this game so far! Very cool atmosphere and characters.

The way I found the deserted base was in the Wilderness outside New Ark City, where I was traveling to and fro from Transylvania, the city, and the abandoned town. During all that travel, there's the chance that you find two secret places: the Milk Farm and the Base. The screen will blip for a moment, and you'll know that you found something.

I think I'm in trouble. I started a new character and got pregnant by the highwayman! That hasn't happened before. XD I'm not in the city yet. Do I have to have the baby delivered properly, or will the pregnancy eventually end on its own and the baby will be born (and die/get carried away by the fairies/eaten by slime/etc)? I'm not sure how it works when you're not in the city yet...

Also, about pregnancies/lactation/etc., I'm curious if other characters will ever notice it? (Like, the succubus teacher notices the size of our breasts, but doesn't mention if we're lactating and/or pregnant. Does that ever happen?)

Some options are different. Like, if your "hero" rep is high, then you can scare off bandits during one event, and you get different situations with tavern people. If your "bitch" rep is high, you get some special clothing available to buy, and I think maybe some extra interaction with some npcs (Harold, and I think Gunnar and Rhot?).

I agree! It's a wonderful game, and there are so many routes you can go with your character. It's really nice to have women included.

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Okay, two more questions: will the collectable cum ever be consumable? Also, is there a way to change body color, etc.? I can find other changes like eyes, hair, but I can't find body changes except genitals in the succubus tower.

(Next time, I'll make one post. I'm sorry for so many questions! Thank you!)

Sorry to jump into this thread, but you can count one more person asking for male preggers. I think it would be fun. XD Maybe it would need specific circumstances, like taking that pill or having done the m2f transformation experiment, even if you changed it all back to male again?

Your game is just great! It's fun to play with different scenarios.

Thanks for your reply! :) I was just thinking it could be cool if the class could pressure the MC into performing, despite feeling ashamed about it. Maybe if some stat like Speech didn't meet a check? I'm not sure how that works, haha.

Anyway, this is a really cool game, and I've been instantly addicted!

I have one other small question; I'm sorry. Is it possible to be "ashamed" and still perform for the classroom (in the tower)? I know you can ask for Rinny's help, but how do you make the option available to masturbate for the class? I can see it, but it's grayed out.

Never mind! I found it. :) I can't wait for it to be finished. It seems... intense!

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How do you find the deserted base? I downloaded the 16.1b version from Patreon, but I'm not sure how to find it. Thank you for this great game!

NPC sex scenes have visuals. Sex scenes with the MC are text.

There is a guide when you download the game. The quest log tells you some hints, but there is also a Guide document that the game will link you to. It has pages for characters, recipes, etc.

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I think the fem character sexuality config is broken. I have one fem MC who only has sex with female characters (nymph, female bandit, etc.) and zero sex with male characters (and no sex with slimes and other indifferent creatures), yet she is still "bisexual." She's had so much sex, she's an "expert," yet her sexuality is still unchanged... :/ (Edit: I was trying to make her a lesbian. I guess if you want a bi fem mc, just only have sex with female characters in the game and no sex with men? I dunno...)

You need a Workshop at your house, then you can craft it. The ingredients for a torch are: 1 wood, 1 cloth, 1 red pulp.

I think there are some bugs. It doesn't always follow choices. (For example, I tested playing a lesbian MC by playing a female MC who only had sex with other female characters--acolytes, nymphs, female bandits, didn't get to Vicoria yet--and her sexuality was still "bisexual" after 40 days in-game and lots and lots of female-only sex scenes.) Also, access to white berries needed for the potions doesn't come until several storylines into the game.

I like that the game mostly follows what you decide. It's a wonderful rpg that is always building a new experience. But there are some reasons it would be nice if we could decide our starting sexuality, just like we do our starting stats. Then the game can still change the way it does now, if we make different choices. Just my thoughts... Thank you for your consideration.

I have a 2nd question, I'm sorry: What is the purpose of the pheromones (aphrodisiac improvement) for the MC's hideout? Does having this impact scenes with pets/prisoners/NPCs? Thank you!

Will we ever have the option to decide our character's sexuality & position at the start of the game, when we pick our beginning stats? (I'm sorry if this question has been asked; I could not find it.)

Oh, I need to add: I just figured out that the bad ending doesn't happen unless you take him to the temple/lake, even when all the other conditions are met. He was in my prison, and I chose the option from there to take him, and then the bad ending scenes happened. Now, when I go underground at the temple, I have the option to "wait for Roushk" again, so I think I could capture him again, maybe, but I haven't tried yet. Anyway, Rhot hates me now... (;_;) My next MC will have to be very pure to make up for this. haha

Just captured him, yay! :D I didn't have the option to fight him (to "wait for Roushk" at the temple) until after I talked to Othra about the lake. I told her to tell the others about it, and then we had the dialogue about capturing Roushk. So now he's in my prison to play with, and the bad lizard tribe ending should happen soon.

In the second forest (above and to the right of the bandit camp). It's the same place where you find the brown slime creatures.

Thank you for your reply. Maybe I'll just make a save before fighting him and then check to see what the options are. It's my first time to try the bad ending, so I'm not sure what to expect.

I've been stuck on the arrow quest, too. I can find them at the forge, but the dialogue with Blake makes the game crash. I don't know why.

I agree with Munto. That would be nice, as long as people remain respectful of you and of each other. :)

I have a question about capturing Roushk. Do you have to wait until after the bad ending, or do you need to capture him before? I'm at 9 lizard tribe lust and haven't talked to Othra about the lake yet; I'm afraid of progressing the storyline because I don't want to lock myself out of capturing Roushk. (My MC's strength is low. It's a very slutty route--always teasing and/or submitting.)

I think you get that when Bernard (shopkeeper) gives you the "More Potions" quest for the first time. It's one of the first quests for him.