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Played through all 3 chapters, and I must say, this series is definitely among my favorites! I love how each of the characters have diverse personalities and you have the chance to befriend them. The way you meet and get to know the monsters really makes me feel like I've developed an actual friendship with them, even though I may slip up sometimes and accidentally say the wrong thing. But hey, nobody's perfect after all! The card game aspect of these chapters taught me a thing or two about cards in general. Never knew the numbers/letters were called ranks! Also, I got good at Sandwiches and Samson rather quickly, so I guess if I get challenged to a game of that in the future and I do well, I have you guys to thank for that! All in all, thank you so, very much for making such a cute and wonderful series and I wish you the best in future projects. :)

Okay so I just found out chapter 2 is already on the bundle. Time to play it! :D

loved this game! faves are b.r. keeper and baobabo. definitely considering getting chapter 2! :D