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maybe you just bought it for 0$ when it was on sale duh.

Bro. Your game has been stolen and published on GooglePlay. My game too and many others. Like garten of banban and amanda the adventurer. Keep an eye on it.

You have 100% guarantee! Thanks for the support!

same to you ;)

Haha great to hear! Stay tuned for the next game!

Thank you for playing buddy! :D

Thank you very much ;) I’m currently working on strange toilet the forgotten shit. Believe me or not it’s gonna be fire ;)

Thank you buddy! :D

No problem :D hope to see you in future games!

awesome mate! :D

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it’s all up to you I can’t do anything with it :)

lighter was for the pentagram in the basement :)

Thank you for playing <3

Thank’s for playing :)

Thank’s a lot ❤️

;D Thank’s for playing <3

🤗 ;)

I appreciate that. Thank you very much ❤️

Thank’s a lot <3

TheThil** ;) anyway thank’s for playing <3

HAHA! <3

HAHA! Thx bro! <3

Thank you for playing :D

HAHA! Thank’s a lot! :D

Thank’s :D

Thank you so much bro <3


HAHA! Thank you so much for playing :D

Thx ;)

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There is no glitch my friend ;) All items are spawning properly. This was checked many times.

Book spawns: kichen chair, kichen trash bin, bedroom shelf, bedroom pantry, TV room under the table ;)

Key can spawn in every drawer in bedroom/kitchen, in TV shelf(2 black doors), 2 closets in TV room,

Handle is always in the basement, 3 lockers, 3 shelves(left, front, right), 1 wooden box near jumpscare locker ;)

HAHAH! Thank you very much bro :D

Thank you very much :D

Thank you very much :D

Thank you very much :D

Thank you very much :D

Thank you so much :)

Thank you so much :D

Thank you so much :D

Thank you very much :D

Haha! Thank you so much for playing! :D